The Quantum Questions...

Quantum computing has attracted significant attention due to the need for faster and more efficient computing paradigms, resulting in rapid growth in quantum AI and quantum security research. This technology has the potential to revolutionize many fields, such as machine learning, cryptography, computing, and communications.

Many open questions remain in the area of quantum AI and quantum security: What new capabilities are enabled by quantum AI? How do they affect availability, resiliency, security, and privacy of future autonomous systems that rely on these capabilities? What are the security risks of quantum computing? What are the opportunities and business models of deploying quantum AI in practice?

The Quantum Gathering...

This workshop, sponsored by NSF SaTC program, aims to bring together researchers, experts, industry practitioners, visionary leaders, and relevant government agencies to discuss the current and future trends of quantum computing, quantum AI and their applications to various fields in engineering and cyber security, identify fundamental research challenges, and help chart a path forward in addressing these challenges.

Organizing Team

Vaneet Aggarwal, Purdue University (PI)

Tian Lan, George Washington University

Shawn He Yuxun, Purdue University

Julia Sibley, Purdue University

Debanjan Konar, Purdue University

Mohammad Pedramfar, Purdue University

Dheeraj Peddireddy, Purdue University

David Montgomery, Purdue University

Lindsay Sellers, Purdue University