Research Briefs with Dr. Ruth StrevelerEngineering Education Research Briefs with Dr. Ruth Streveler

The Engineering Education Research Briefs podcast aims to expand the boundaries of engineering education research by exploring new frameworks, new methods, and new findings with the researchers who created them. 


Season 5

Episode 37: Dr. Jason Morphew
When is seeing not believing?

Episode 36: Dr. Jiabin [Emily] Zhu
What are the benefits and challenges of doing research in more than one cultural context?

Episode 35: Drs. Marie Paretti and Shane Brown
What's it like to create a new research journal?

Season 4

Episode 34: Chanel Beebe
Thriving Across Boundaries Part II

Episode 33: Chanel Beebe
Thriving Across Boundaries Part I

Episode 32: Dr. Kerrie Douglas
How can we support all students, during and after the pandemic?

Episode 31: Drs. Natasha Perova-Mello and Nicole Pitterson
Thought leaders in online learning

Episode 30: Dr. Ruth Wertz
How do you design online instruction to support and engage a community of learners? To explore this question, Dr. Ruth Streveler interviews Dr. Ruth Wertz (ENE PhD '14),  Assistant Professor of General Engineering at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso Indiana.

Episode 29: BONUS Dr. James Holly, Jr. 
This is an encore presentation of the 2018 interview with Dr. James Holly, Jr. James discusses his use of critical autoethnography in his dissertation, “A Critical Autoethnography of Teaching Engineering to Black Boys as a Black Man.”

Episode 28: Dr. James Holly, Jr.
What does it mean to be an anti-racist engineering education researcher? To help us think about that question, Dr. Ruth Streveler interviews Dr. James Holly, Jr., Assistant Professor of Urban Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education at Wayne State University in Detroit MI.

Season 3

Episode 27: Dr. Justin Hess

Episode 26: Dr. Jeremi London

Episode 25: Dr. Julie Martin, Part 2, Research to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering

Episode 24: Dr. Julie Martin, Part 1, Grant Proposal Advice

Episode 23: Dr. Zahra Atiq

Episode 22: Dr. Emily Dringenberg interviews Host Dr. Ruth Streveler

Episode 21: Dr. Robin Adams

Episode 20: Dr. Michael Loui

Episode 19: Dr. Elliot Douglas


Season 2

BONUS Summer Episodes: E16 with Rohit Kandakalta, E17 with Genisson Coutinho, and E18 with Juan Ortega Alvarez

Episode 15: Dr. Walter Lee

Season 1

Episode 5: Dr. Shawn Jordan

Episode 4: Dr. Karl Smith

Episode 3: Dr. Lisa Benson

Episode 2: Dr. Allison Godwin

Episode 1: Dr. Joachim Walther