S5E35: Engineering Education Research Briefs with Dr. Ruth Streveler

Event Date: September 2, 2021
Shane Brown
Dr. Shane Brown
Dr. Marie Paretti
Dr. Maria Paretti
Studies in Engineering Education
Studies in Engineering Education
"What's it like to create a new research journal?" with guests Drs. Marie Paretti and Shane Brown

Host Dr. Ruth Streveler interviews the founding co-editors of Studies in Engineering Education, Drs. Marie Paretti and Shane Brown, who tell us about the journal’s focus, and provide recommendations for prospective authors.  

Episode Transcript

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Research Briefs is produced by the School of Engineering Education at Purdue.  

Thank you to Patrick Vogt for composing our theme music.  The transcript of this podcast can be found by Googling “Purdue Engineering Education Podcast.”  And please check out my blog, RuthStreveler.Wordpress.com