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PhD Alumni Group Photo at 2016 ASEE Annual Conference

PhD Alumni Group Photo taken at the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference in New Orleans

Careers and Recent Graduates

A PhD in engineering education opens the door to a range of career opportunities, from academia to nonprofit work to industry. Possibilities include:

  • faculty member in engineering
  • faculty member in engineering education or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education
  • position with university teaching and learning center
  • higher-education liaison to industry (philanthropy, recruitment, development, etc.)
  • P-12 educator or administrator
  • trainer or human resource manager in industry or nonprofit organization
  • informal engineering educator in a nonprofit setting (e.g., museum, science center)
  • consultant or entrepreneur

Spotlight on Alumni

What can you do with a PhD in Engineering Education? We recently met up with many of our alumni at the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference. Learn where they are now and what they are up to!

Graduating its first doctoral student in 2006, the School of Engineering Education has a growing set of alumni who are active in defining and expanding the discipline [Updated 7/11/2016]. Here are the most recent graduates of 2017 or check out our complete list of alumni for more details.

  • Cole Joslyn, PhD 2017
    Exploring Transformative Learning to Teach Human-Centered Design in a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Design Course: A Collaborative Action Research Approach To Humanizing Engineering Education
  • Qin Zhu, PhD 2017
    Working Effectively with Confucian Engineers: Sociopolitical Contexts, Cultures of Engineering Practice, and Collaborative Strategies
  • Trina Fletcher, PhD 2017
    Dissertation: Outcomes for Female Students Within a Summer Engineering Program: Single Sex versus Coeducation
  • Corey Mathis, PhD 2017
    STEM Integration: An Exploration of K-12 Science and Mathematics Teachers' Implementation Strategies
  • Nicholas Fila, PhD 2017
    A Phenomenographic Investigation of the Ways Engineering Students Experience Innovation
  • Leslie Grundman, PhD 2017
    Restructuring Students' Naive Theories of Stress and Strain Using Haptic Feedback Coupled Simulations
  • Mel Chua, PhD 2017
    Faculty Roles in Curricular Change: Postmodern Narrative Ontologies
  • Nichole Ramirez, PhD 2017
    Motivation of Students Who Switch from Engineering to Engineering Technology
  • Yu Gong, PhD 2017
    How Interactive Example Model Can Help Inquiry: A Qualitative Study of Model-Based Inquiry Learning (Mobile) in Engineering Education