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PhD Alumni Listing

Graduating its first doctoral student in 2006, the School of Engineering Education has a growing set of alumni who are active in defining and expanding the discipline [Updated 05/30/2018]:












  • Farshid Marbouti, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
    Dissertation: A Learning Objective-Based Model to Predict Students' Success in a First-Year Engineering Course
  • Kelsey Rodgers, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    Dissertation: Development of First-Year Engineering Teams' Mathematical Models Through Linked Modeling and Simulation Projects
  • Catherine Berdanier, PhD 2016, Research Associate, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Penn State University
    Dissertation: Learning the Language of Academic Engineering: Sociocognitive Writing in Graduate Students
  • Lee Rynearson, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor, Campbell University
    Dissertation: Promoting Teaming Metacognition
  • Anastasia Rynearson, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor, Engineering Education, Campbell University
    Dissertation: From Mechanic to Designer: Evolving Perceptions of Elementary Students Over Three Years of Engineering Instruction
  • Nikitha Sambamurthy, PhD 2016, Engineering Content Developer, zyBooks
    Dissertation: The Hiring Game: Invisible and Visible Diversity in the Assessment of Engineers' Professional Skills
  • Monique Ross, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor, Florida International University
    Dissertation: A Unicorn's Tale: Examining the Experiences of Black Women in Engineering Industry
  • John Mendoza Garcia, PhD 2016, Lecturer, Institute for Excellence in Engineering Education, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, University of Florida
    Dissertation: A Phenomenographic Study of the Ability to Address Complex Socio-Technical Systems Via Variation Theory
  • Canek Phillips, PhD 2016, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Rice University
    Dissertation: Race, Class and Gender in Engineering Education: A Quantitative Investigation of First Year Enrollment
  • Andrea Mazzurco, PhD 2016, Lecturer, Engineering Education, Swinburne University of Technology
    Dissertation: Methods to Facilitate Community Participation in Humanitarian Engineering: Laying the Foundation of a Learning Platform
  • Sergey Dubikovsky, PhD 2016, Associate Professor, Purdue Polytechnic Institute
    Dissertation: Social Anxiety as a Dominant Factor for Lack of Tolerance for Ambiguity in Engineering Capstone Courses
  • Mark Carnes, PhD 2016, Professor of Practice, Purdue Polytechnic Institute
    Dissertation: Conceptual Understanding of Threshold Concepts of Electrical Phenomena: Mental Models of Senior Undergraduates in Electrical Engineering
  • DeLean Tolbert, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Michigan-Dearborn
    Dissertation: Living, Learning, and Leveraging: An Investigation of Black Males Accessing Community Cultural Wealth and Developing Engineering Attributes


  • Leslie Grundman, PhD 2017, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Indiana Institute of Technology
    Dissertation: Restructuring Students' Naive Theories of Stress and Strain Using Haptic Feedback Coupled Simulations
  • Mel Chua, PhD 2017, Postdoctoral Research, Olin College of Engineering
    Dissertation: Faculty Roles in Curricular Change: Postmodern Narrative Ontologies
  • Nichole Ramirez, PhD 2017, Postdoctoral Researcher, Engineering Education, Purdue University
    Dissertation:Motivation of Students Who Switch from Engineering to Engineering Technology
  • Yu Gong, PhD 2017
    Dissertation: How Interactive Example Model Can Help Inquiry: A Qualitative Study of Model-Based Inquiry Learning (Mobile) in Engineering Education
  • Trina Fletcher, PhD 2017, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    Dissertation: Outcomes for Female Students Within a Summer Engineering Program: Single Sex versus Coeducation
  • Corey Mathis, PhD 2017, Assistant Professor, California State University, Bakersfield
    Dissertation: STEM Integration: An Exploration of K-12 Science and Mathematics Teachers' Implementation Strategies
  • Cole Joslyn, PhD 2017, High School Robotics Instructor, El Paso, Texas
    Dissertation: Exploring Transformative Learning to Teach Human-Centered Design in a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Design Course: A Collaborative Action Research Approach To Humanizing Engineering Education
  • Qin Zhu, PhD 2017, Research Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Mines
    Dissertation: Working Effectively with Confucian Engineers: Sociopolitical Contexts, Cultures of Engineering Practice, and Collaborative Strategies
  • Nicholas Fila, PhD 2017, Postdoctoral Researcher, Iowa State University
    Dissertation: A Phenomenographic Investigation of the Ways Engineering Students Experience Innovation
  • Tamecia Jones, PhD 2017, Assistant Professor of STEM Education, North Carolina State University
    Dissertation: "Using an Engineering Epistemic Frame to Uncover Engineering in the Interactions of a High School Summer Session
  • Natascha Trellinger Buswell, PhD 2017, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of California, Irvine
    Dissertation: Teaching pathways in the academy: A narrative and thematic study of engineering faculty at institutions of varying research and teaching activity



  • Ryan Senkpeil, PhD 2018
    Dissertation: Understanding and Improving the Non-Cognitive Factors that Affect First-Year Engineering Performance