Course and Research Registration

Registration, including changes to any existing registration, begins a number of months before the term and continues through the first two weeks of the term. During the registration period, students should complete all registration activity by accessing myPurdue. When attempting to register, if you receive an error message directly pertaining to the class or section you are requesting, consult with the Graduate Coordinator as an override, or permission from the course instructor may be necessary. The following information is available to help plan your courses:

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First-Term Registration

Follow this link to get started using the electronic registration system:

Below are the steps you should follow to register for your first semester at Purdue.

  • Set up your Self-Service Banner (SSB) system through the myPurdue portal. You will need to type in your username and set up a password.
  • New full-time students typically take the following courses as a cohort: 

    • ENE 50300: Engineering Education Inquiry (3 cr)
    • ENE 50200: History and Philosophy of Engineering Education (3 cr)
    • ENE 59500: Foundations of Engineering Education (3 cr)
    • ENE 69000: Engineering Education Research Seminar (0 cr)
  • Work with the Graduate Coordinator to fill out the New Student Registration Form, Form 23. The Graduate Coordinator will give you your registration PIN so that you may register for your courses through myPurdue. Instructions for filling out the Form 23:
    • Item 1: Use only your Purdue student ID (not SSN)
    • Item 2: Provide your complete name as it appears on your student ID
    • Item 3: Enter the term and year the registration form is for (e.g., Fall 2012)
    • Item 4: Enter “Engineering”; Item 5: Enter “Education”
    • Item 6: Enter “GR”
    • Drop/Add/Modify Request Section: List all courses that you intend to enroll in. If an override is required, please have the appropriate person sign for the override permission. Most courses may be added independently by the student on myPurdue provided there is space available.

Students may take other courses, but they are encouraged to take these courses in their first fall term. If you are a part-time student, you should discuss which courses make the most sense for your needs and scheduling constraints.

  • For students who do not have an assistantship or fellowship: Unless you register very early, you will not receive a fee statement from the Bursar. Therefore, you should acquire it from the Bursar's Office in Hovde Hall or electronically through myPurdue. Payment of this fee statement completes the registration process. Your registration will be canceled if payment is not received. 


    Registration Deadlines

    The following registration deadlines are identified on the Purdue Academic Calendar for each term. For the summer session, these deadlines are essentially cut in half.


    Registering for Research Credits or Courses with Variable Credits or Requiring Instructor Approval

    Registration for research or courses that have variable credits or require the approval of the department or instructor cannot be completed online. 

    Research credit hours (ENE 699) and special projects (ENE 590) must be entered by the Graduate Coordinator, because they require an override.

    When you register for ENE 699 (research credit hours), the exact number of credits will vary depending upon faculty expectations in research for the upcoming semester.  Be sure to choose the correct section of the research course. You will have to search the list for the section with your advisor as instructor and use that CRN (Course Registration Number).

    When registering for variable-title courses such as ENE 590 (link), use Form 23. You will submit the Form 23 with the signature of the professor supervising the course. Include the CRN (Course Registration Number) and the number of credits on the Form 23.

    For courses requiring the instructor's approval, complete the Form 23 and get the signature approving your registration for the course from the instructor and bring the form to the ENE Graduate Office for entry. If approval from another department is required, contact that department for signature approval and bring the Form 23 to the ENE Graduate Office for entry.


    Registration for ENE Research Seminar

    The ENE Research Seminar is offered in fall and spring terms, typically on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:20pm. The seminar supports faculty and graduate students in keeping up-to-date on new research in the developing field of engineering education research and helps build community among STEM education researchers, current and future engineering educators, and engineering education graduate students and alumni through regular interactions centered on scholarly intellectual content (invited speakers, ENE town hall discussions, etc.).

    The seminar is aimed at graduate students and faculty, although it is open to undergraduate students and others at Purdue. Students should enroll in this course during their first year in the program and may continue to enroll in this zero-credit course an unlimited number of times.

    This link describes the agenda for the current term and offers links to prior seminars.

    Registration for ENE 590 (Independent Study)

    The ENE 590 course code is intended primarily for students to undertake targeted study or projects to develop depth in an area related to their area of research, where no other comparable course is available at Purdue or conveniently elsewhere.

    You may take up to 6 credits of ENE 590 as part of your Plan of Study. Requests to extend the number of credits must be decided within your graduate committee and documented with the Graduate Coordinator.

    To request an independent study (ENE 590): Download Contract

    ·  The term before you intend to start a 590, approach an individual faculty member who has advertised a 590 course. 

    ·  The student and instructor(s) write and sign a contract; the student’s advisor also signs the contract. The contract form template is available on the ENE Intranet site (link).

    ·  Submit the contract for approval to the Graduate Coordinator two weeks before the first day of the semester in which the course is to be offered.

    ·  The ENE Graduate Committee Chair will approve the contract based on completeness and the following criteria:

    ·  If approval is denied, the faculty and student have the right to appeal to the Graduate Committee.

    ·  Once an ENE 590 course is approved, a copy of the contract must be filed with the Graduate Coordinator no later than the second week of the term in which the course is offered. The contract will be added to the student’s file as an official record.

    Registering for a Final Exam Term

    When you intend to graduate, you must register for the appropriate candidate course, as described below. International students, as part of their visa requirements, should discuss their options with the Graduate Coordinator.

    Option 1:  Regular candidacy - CAND 99100

    You must be registered for at least one credit of coursework or research with this type of candidacy.

    Option 2:  Exam Only - CAND 99300

    Register for this type of candidacy if you expect to complete your final examination and your Graduate Advisory Committee expects to submit a positive report on the final examination early in the semester. Exact dates when this must be complete are provided at

    Students requesting Exam Only registration must submit a Form 8 requesting a final exam date at the time they submit their candidate registration request. If a student does not meet the early completion deadline, registration will be converted to an appropriate number of registration hours, and the student will owe the difference in tuition cost.

    Option 3:  Degree Only - CAND 99200

    Register for this type of candidacy if your final examination has been completed but the thesis has not been submitted (or was not submitted by the previous semester deadline). Exact dates when this must be complete are provided at

    If you do not meet the early completion deadline, registration will be converted to an appropriate number of registration hours, and you will owe the difference in tuition cost.


    Information for International Students

    Full-time registration for the spring and fall semesters is 8 credit hours. These hours can be coursework or research.

    Any time a student on a visa plans to register for less than full time, a Reduction in Course Load request must be made of the International Students and Scholars Office. Exam or Degree Only registration is considered a reduction of course load.

    Summer semester registration is not generally required of students on a visa; therefore, any amount of registration is permitted in the summer. Those students who are being funded on an assistantship are required to register for at least three credit hours. Those students who are being funded by a fellowship are required to maintain full-time registration (six credit hours) during the summer.

    If you need to sit out (not enroll) for a semester or two, that situation is permitted by the Graduate School. You should alert the International Students and Scholars office and discuss the situation with your advisor. If you do not enroll by the third semester, you will be required to reapply to the graduate program.

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    Registration FAQs

    Where do I get the ENE registration form?

    Registration forms are available in the rack outside the ENE Graduate Office. You must use this form to register for research courses or courses requiring the permission of the instructor. IF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT, USE THE GREEN REGISTRATION FORM INCLUDED IN YOUR NEW STUDENT PACKET.

    When do I need signatures for registration?

    You need the signature of your professor for research (e.g., ENE 699), Special Topics (ENE 590), and any course listed as requiring the consent of the instructor.

    What is the deadline for registration?

    We do not have an official deadline. However, if you fail to register by a specific date each semester, you will be charged a $200 late registration fee by the Bursar. We do recommend that you register early to ensure that you get the space you request and that small-enrollment classes do not get cancelled.

    How do I modify my registration?

    Using myPurdue, you can drop and add courses yourself up to certain deadlines each semester. These deadlines are listed on the Registrar's website. If you wish to add, drop, or modify research, you must fill out a white registration form and turn it into the ENE Graduate Office with your professor's signature.

    What are the deadlines for dropping or adding a course?

    Several dates apply. The dates can be described this way: Courses can be added the first week of classes through myPurdue. In the second through fourth week, you may add a course with the signature of the instructor and the graduate office. In the fifth through ninth week, with "extenuating circumstances," you may add a course with the consent of the instructor and the Graduate Coordinator. You may drop courses in the first two weeks without signatures. Dropping courses during the third and fourth week will earn a "W" for the course, and it will be posted on your transcript. Dropping a course during the fifth through ninth week requires the instructor to sign and to assign a grade of "W" or "WF." The Graduate Coordinator must also approve.

    How do I register for classes in other programs?

    Some courses may be registered through myPurdue. If myPurdue does not give permission for you to register, fill out a white registration form and turn it into the ENE Graduate Office. These requests must be approved by the associated department. Approvals are based on the need of the student for that course. There are space limitations which affect this process.

    How do I register for the Pass/No Pass option?

    You must have the signature of the instructor and mark P/NP in the "Grade Opt." Box. Courses on your plan of study may not be taken as Pass/No Pass.

    May I select the division of a graduate class?

    Yes. Graduate students are allowed to request the division of classes they want by choosing the correct CRN for that section.

    How do I audit a class?

    The Registrar has a "Visitors" form for requesting to audit a class. The form requires the approval of the instructor, the Graduate Coordinator, the Registrar, and the Bursar.

    What are "Exam Only" and "Degree Only" registrations?

    "Exam Only" is a registration for students whose only remaining requirement is to defend their thesis. This registration reduces the fees for registration. "Degree Only" is registration for students who have completed all the requirements for their degree (except possibly depositing their thesis) but have not graduated. Both these registrations shorten the semester deadlines by one-half. If a student fails to meet these deadlines, their registration is converted to research.

    When should I mark "yes" in the "Candidate Box"?

    In the semester you expect to graduate, you mark yes in the candidate box. This informs us to register you as a candidate and to place you on the Graduate School's Candidate List. Please mark this box if there is any chance that you will graduate. It is not possible to add you to the candidate list late in the semester.

    How many credits may a TA register for in a semester?

    Three courses is a suggested limit for a TA.

    How many credits may an RA register for in a semester?

    The Graduate School allows a maximum of 18 credit hours in fall and spring semesters, and 9 credit hours for the summer session. However, many PhD programs rarely encourage a course load above 12 credit hours of research and classes.

    Can I take a course that is not on my Plan of Study?

    Yes. Be aware that some undergraduate courses have space limits that may not allow you to register or that may require the approval of the instructor or department.

    What happens if my registration is cancelled?

    You will need to register again. You might have to pay fees in advance of re-registering. You may also be required to have signatures of instructors to re-enter your registration.

    How do I receive my staff classification for the tuition waiver?

    The Business Office will communicate your staff classification with the Bursar. Tuition waivers usually take one to two days to process.

    When am I required to pay my invoice?

    You can monitor your fees and invoices through your myPurdue account or by contacting the Bursar directly.

    • The ENE 590 course cannot replace a course or the content of a course that already exists.
    • The student agrees that the work is differentiated from work they are paid for.
    • The student agrees that the work is differentiated from thesis work (e.g., ENE 699).
    • The student agrees to present on the 590 course in the ENE Research Seminar or equivalent session either in the term it occurred or in the following term.
    • Note: All of these are items that need to be completed on the template.

Last day to register (students should register early to assure space in the courses they have selected)

Last day to pay fees without being assessed a $200 late fee

Adding courses or modifying registration. Use Form 23. Signatures from the Instructor and Graduate Coordinator are required in some cases; registration can be modified after the fifth through tenth weeks of the term only if there are “extenuating circumstances” (signatures from the Instructor and Graduate Coordinator are required and the student must carry the form to the Registrar). If you are currently registered for a course and are making a change to the number of credits or grade type, use the “M” – modify – designation. Only use the “A” – add – designation if you are not already registered for the course.

Dropping courses. Use Form 23. Approval of the Graduate Coordinator is required after the third or fourth week, and a “W” will appear on your transcript. After the fifth through the tenth week, the instructor must assign a grade of “W” or “WF” and the Graduate Coordinator must approve. After receiving approval, you must submit the form to the Registrar.

Once the Form 23 is completed and you have registered for all courses not requiring an override, please bring a copy of the Form 23 to the Graduate Office. If overrides are needed, they will then be entered.