September 5, 2023

Job Tune-Up Seminar

EEE is sponsoring a seminar where questions can be answered about resumes, interviews, networking, and more.  

The Job Tune-Up seminar will be Thursday, September 7 at 3:00pm in POTR 234 (Fu Room).

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Job Corner with Ms. Whelton, PE

Purdue’s MGMT 48800 course via the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) provided data found that Purdue graduates had about $5,000 bump in their starting salary if they have had one or more internship or co-op experiences.  For Purdue engineering students, going to the CCO for help at least once during their college career increased their starting salary by $2,599.  
The beginning of the fall semester is the best time to find full time and internship opportunities.  There are several events that will help you prepare for Industrial Roundtable (Sept 12th and 13th in person & 14th virtual) and the Civil Engineering Career Fair (Oct 12th in person). The CE Career Fair already has their information sessions penciled in the night of October 11th. 
It looks like you again you can schedule “appointments” starting September 1st at 8am in Career Fair Plus and have a limit of four appointments in person and 4 virtual appointments.  I suggest you look at the companies you are interested in that are applicable to many majors and use your appointments for those companies before they fill up. Then schedule meetings/appointments with other companies on later.  Please note this will be in addition to waiting in line for a company during the fair itself.  Hence my strategy of focusing on companies you’re interested in that generally have long lines during the fair. 
They currently do not have the time appointment scheduling will close, but if it is the same as in the past you will be able to schedule appointments for a couple days and they will close that opportunity.  It should open up again later closer to the fair with additional opportunities although there may not be additional opportunities for the same companies.  It is first come first serve, so I suggest booking your appointments early. Also, last year in career fair plus we found it was very specific for registration-so sometimes if a company didn’t have EEE listed you couldn’t get an appointment (this frustrated companies and students) or what you selected as your year mattered (i.e. too many credits for internships).  My suggestion is to be flexible in how you set things.  If you “need” to be listed as a CE, NRES, etc. to schedule an appointment with a company that is looking for someone to do environmental work or does environmental work-select that as your major.  Some EEE students had success doing this in the past.  EEE isn’t selected sometimes for a variety of reasons (company just selects the majors they did last time, HR who inputs isn’t aware of EEE, needs change, etc.). EEE not being listed is not necessarily an accurate reflection of company needs since we are a unique program.  I am not sure if they will remove some of those specific requirements this year so it’s better to be prepared when you register early on September 1st. 
There is no information yet on IR prep night, but the info sessions for IR are posted.  Virtual info sessions are Wednesday Sept 6th-Thursday Sept 7th and in person sessions on Monday September 11th. Please note companies will not necessarily come to both types of sessions so you should look at both the virtual and in person to see who you’d like to connect with.  If you are really interested in a company, it is a good idea to attend their information session-this is how companies determine that you are “really interested” in working for them and they keep a record of how many times you interact with their company. 
There is also a new fair this year called “Public Impact Fair” for government and nonprofit positions on September 11th from 1-6pm in HCRN 1066.  The Peace Corps will be present.  The Peace Corps don’t come to many fairs so if you are interested in them, I suggest you try to make time see them during this fair.  Here is a link to all the entities that will attend. The Ag Fair is also on October 3rd which we will discuss more later.   
The CCO has resources that can help you in the job search. They can review your resume, give a mock interview, and offer workshops to aid you in the process of looking for employment.  They also have information sessions listed that are scheduled through CCO.  Check here for all CCO related events on campus:    
Companies are starting to “visit” Purdue to start looking for potential employees. I say “visit” because some companies are hosting virtual information sessions, some of which may you have to RSVP for (see CCO calendar link above) ahead of time.   As I am writing this, I see DC Energy has an info session virtually on September 21st , Lockheed Martin has a virtual session on Sept 6th, and Renewable Energy Systems Americas has a session in person on September 28th.  There may be others you are interested in and they are always adding sessions-so check regularly! 
Did you know you can even practice your interview skills at the CCO?  You can schedule a mock interview through them.  This is a great way to practice your sales pitch!  You can schedule a mock interview Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm here under “Undergraduates-Peer Mock Interview:  You can also do an interview via Big Interview virtually here. 
Don’t forget I will be giving a workshop geared on preparing EEE students for job opportunities.  The “Job Tune-Up Seminar” is Thursday Sept 7th from 3 to 5pm in POTR 234. As an environmental engineer who has worked in your field, I will give overall tips and advice in addition to answering your questions!   There will also be a panel of EEE undergraduate students to discuss their past work experiences and how they obtained their jobs. There may even be another guest this year!
Finally, if you are interested in graduate school, you should go to the Midwestern Grad School Virtual Summit (Sept 27th and 28th).  You need to register, but it is free to attend.  Find more information here:

Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF) Events

Please see this link for upcoming ISF events.

National Geospatial-Intelligency Agency Information Session

The National Geospatial-Intelligency Agency (NGA) will hold an information session on September 6th from 1:30-2:30PM in HAMP 2113.
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CAPS Services Fall 2023

Learn about the new services CAPS is offering this semester and find one that works best for you. The newest resource offered is Therapy Assisted Online (TAO), which offers a variety of well-being and mental health resources. To learn more about TAO, drop-in workshops, and other ways to seek support through CAPS see the attachments below:

Purdue Calendars

Various drop/add calendar with deadlines, and future years of academic calendars can be found at

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EEE Student News Submission

Have you accomplished something noteworthy (award, scholarship/fellowship, publication, poster presentation, internship, full-time job) that you’d like to share with EEE? Please send Jess Mehr the basic info, high-quality photo, and a quote about your honor and she will likely (not guaranteed) promote it on social media or choose to write an article for the web site.
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