Graduate Program Transfer Policy


Policy from the Graduate School


A student who: 1) has established a graduate academic record at Purdue, 2) has current eligibility to register in a graduate degree program, and 3) wishes to change to a graduate degree program in another department should submit a completed Request for Transfer of Department (G.S. Form 17) to the Graduate School. The proposed department may request updated or additional admission information (e.g., GRE scores or letters of recommendation) or even a new application.

Both departments should review any conditions of admission that have not been met at the time of transfer and make the appropriate notation on the transfer form. If a new application is requested, the department in which the student is currently enrolled must submit a completed Request for Transfer of Department (G.S. Form 17).

International students who wish to transfer from one department to another must check with the Office of International Students and Scholars to determine if their visa status will be affected by the transfer.

If a student completes a graduate degree in one department and wishes to seek an additional graduate degree in another department, a new application is required.


EEE Policy


EEE will accept transfer students on the following conditions:

  • The student is in good standing in their current graduate program
  • The chair of the graduate committee approves the transfer after reviewing the admissions packet and discussions with the academic unit the student is transferring from
  • A faculty member is willing to be the major professor.  If the transfer student is a PhD candidate, good faith efforts will be made to financially support the student.