What is Environmental and Ecological Engineering?

The Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) program at Purdue launches a modern approach to environmental engineering.  Rather than only considering conventional waste emission treatment, we want our students to approach problems from an integrated perspective that considers both environmental and ecological aspects. We chose the unusual name Environmental and Ecological Engineering because it is important to highlight unique aspects of the program and unique approaches of EEE relative to similar programs at peer institutions. We seek a broad systems perspective for addressing environmental issues, with a focus on ecological interactions and resilient designs that take into account complexity and connectivity between systems. In the undergraduate curriculum, this philosophy drives the early focus on systems thinking and understanding. This philosophy leads to the inclusion of significant course requirements in ecology, sustainability, and industrial ecology.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter a wide-range of employment sectors in the environmental and engineering field including the industrial, not for profit, regulatory, or municipal sectors.