Purdue EEE students successfully complete summer 2022 graduate degrees

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Congratulations to the Purdue EEE graduate students who successfully completed Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Summer 2022!


Dissertation: “An inexpensive drinking water treatment and monitoring system for rural schools.”

Advisors: Dr. Chad Jafvert and Dr. John Howarter

Research: Dr. Maiyo’s research focuses on water (quality, treatment, monitoring and sourcing), particularly on solutions for marginalized and limited resource populations. His research interest also includes technology commercialization and development of innovative business models to market such technologies. He has worked with rural water solutions in Kenya for over ten years.

Why EEE? “I choose EEE because their research is not only lab based but also includes field and community deployment.”

Future: Dr. Maiyo plans to continue researching the deployment of water treatment and monitoring systems.


Dissertation: “Bio-based Process modeling to assess the environmental and economic feasibility of scaling from the bench-top to production ready scale.”

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Engelberth

Research: Dr. Patil’s research combines process engineering with economic assessment to assess the feasibility of scaling up a process from bench top to commercial scale. The research focuses on bio - based processes, namely biomass liquefaction and gasification.

Why EEE? “Purdue EEE strives to address our planet’s pressing needs and provides the resources students need to meet their specific academic and professional goals. I dedicate my successful completion of this degree to EEE, my professors, and the administrative staff who so capably supported me throughout my Ph.D. journey.”

Future: Dr. Patil has secured a position as Process Technology Bio-Based Engineer at Braskem in Greater Boston, MA.


Thesis: “Quantitative microbial risk assessment for airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and the efficacy of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems.”

Advisor: Dr. Chip Blatchley.

Research: Haiying’s research focuses on Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment and applying its principles to the application of UV disinfection for inactivation of airborne viruses.


Thesis: “Household Management of Consumer Electronics in the United States.”

Research: Matt’s research demonstrates the significance of properly disposing of electronics, and starts conversations between companies, communities and government about how they handle e-waste and its growing importance as a resource instead of as a waste going forward.


Thesis: “Water Quality Implications and Recovery of Contaminated Plumbing Systems: Softeners, Wildfires, Hydrocarbons.”

Advisor: Dr. Andrew Whelton Research: Caroline’s research focuses on water quality implications of contaminated plumbing, specifically water softeners, wildfires, and hydrocarbons.

Why EEE? “I chose EEE because of how much the program has to offer, including sustainability and environmental and ecological courses in addition to the more conventional engineering practices. I know that what I have learned at Purdue via my coursework, research, and the people who make this field so special will help me to grow continuously in the future.”

Future: Caroline is currently a Water Resource Engineer at Beam, Longest and Neff in Indianapolis.