Bravo Award for Operational Excellence

Purdue University's Bravo Award Program serves to recognize the excellence that exists among employees across the University. Dr. Nadezhda Zyaykina received a Bravo Award this past December for the category of Operational Excellence.
Dr. Zyaykina manages the safety, regulatory compliance, research operations, and the teaching laboratory for the Environmental and Ecological Engineering & Civil Engineering spaces. Like it did for so many of the rest of us, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about many new challenges for Dr. Zyaykina. During these extraordinary circumstances, she facilitated the immense undertaking of reopening the laboratory facilities on top of her normal responsibilities all while also supporting her children, whose schooling and summer plans had been upended.
Thank you, Dr. Zyaykina, for going above and beyond in making sure our laboratories are as safe as can be during these unique times.