Sangtae Kim

Jay and Cynthia Ihlenfeld Head of Chemical Engineering
Distinguished Professor

FRNY 1060C
Purdue University
Davidson School of Chemical Engineering
Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
480 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2100
(765) 494-3492 (office)
(765) 494-0805 (fax)
Joined Purdue in 2003
B.Sc. California Institute of Technology, '79
M.Sc. California Institute of Technology, '79
Ph.D. Princeton, '83

Research Interests

Kim Research Group: Machine Learning Guided Drug Discovery

Professor Kim's research has helped to construct much of the modern foundations for a better understanding of the relationship between particle shape and hydrodynamic interactions in a microscale setting. This fundamental perspective is complemented with six years of experience as a senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry for R&D information technologies. Together, these diverse experiences set the framework for the current range of research projects, including the development of new mathematical models for pharmaceutical informatics (bioinformatics, cheminformatics and systems biology) and the investigation of microfluidic-nanofluidic transitions in novel self-assembly processes for ultra low-cost manufacture of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Taken in aggregate, these projects form the hardware and software platforms to enable a new cyber infrastructure, namely a societal transformation from the "internet of computers" to a network of all tracked objects.

Research Group

Graduate Students

  • Curtis Martin

Awards and Honors

Presidential Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation, 1985
William O. Baker Award for Initiatives in Research, National Academy of Science, 1992
Allan P. Colburn Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1993
Induction as Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineers
Induction as Member, National Academy of Engineering, 2001
Barnett F. Dodge Lecture, Yale University (2005)
Benton Lecture, Univ. of Florida (2005)
Fredrickson Lecture, University of Minnesota (2006)
Ho-Am Prize, Engineering, Korea (2013)

Selected Publications

“Hydrodynamic Interactions between Two Slender Tori in a Viscous Fluid,” S. Kim, and D. Palaniappan, AICHE Journal, 60, 1517 (2014)