ChE Seminar: Dr. Ilias Belharouak

Event Date: April 4, 2019
Speaker: Dr. Ilias Belharouak
Speaker Affiliation: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Time: 3:00-4:15 pm
Location: FRNY G140
Contact Name: Davidson School of Chemical Engineering
Open To: Attendance required for PhD students
Priority: No
School or Program: Chemical Engineering
College Calendar: Show
Dr. Ilias Belharouak, Distinguished Scientist & Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Ilias Belharouak
Distinguished Scientist & Group Leader
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Part of the Fall 2018 Graduate Seminar Series

"Batteries for Renewables Energy & Mobility Applications"

The worldwide growing integration of renewable energies and electric vehicles will require massive deployment of energy storage solutions. The aim of this seminar is to discuss the potential of batteries to stabilize the grid whilst storing energy, understand various types of batteries used to store energy and address battery life expectancy, and how it can be maintained for maximum efficiency. A case study centered around a 250kW/500kWh lithium-ion battery coupled with a 200kW PV-plant represents an opportunity for investigating the cycling conditions and aging behavior of a grid-connected Li-ion battery. In a second part, the application of the LNMO/LTO cell chemistry will be discussed in the light of recent results which anticipate the potential deployment of this lithium-ion battery in both grid-storage and electric vehicles.
Dr. Ilias Belharouak is a Distinguished Scientist and the Group Leader of the Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Ilias also serves as a Professor of the Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Before joining ORNL, Ilias was a Research Director and the Founding Chief Scientist of the Electrochemical Energy Storage Center in Qatar Foundation. Ilias was a Professor at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University of Qatar Foundation. Ilias was a Material Scientist and Battery Expert at Argonne National Laboratory. He was recognized with several awards including four R&D-100 innovation awards and two U.S. Federal Laboratory Consortium Awards for excellence in battery technology transfer. Ilias is currently the Editor of the Journal of Power Sources. Ilias received Ph.D. degree (1999) and Master’s degree (1996) in Materials Science from Bordeaux 1 University, France.

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