Arden L. Bement Jr. Distinguished Lecture - "Selected Topics Related to Energy and Chemicals"

Event Date: October 31, 2016
Speaker: Arivind Varma
Speaker Affiliation: R. Games Slayter Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering,
Purdue University
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: Fowler Hall, Stewart Center
Priority: No
School or Program: Chemical Engineering
College Calendar: Show

Selected research to produce energy carriers and valuable chemicals from new or renewable sources, currently being conducted or recently completed in my laboratory, will be discussed.

  • Hydrogen generation for PEM fuel cell vehicle applications
  • Catalytic upgrading of bio-oils
  • Utilization of glycerol, a biodiesel waste product, for production of valuable chemicals
  • Oxidative coupling of methane

The research relies on development of new catalytic materials and/or processes and demonstrates successful applications of the principles of chemical and catalytic reaction engineering to solve problems of contemporary interest facing society.