Advising/Registration Appointments

Faculty Advisors

If you have been assigned to a faculty advisor, this individual is your best source for career and technical information. In most instances you will work closely with this important resource.

Staff Advisors

For those students not yet assigned a faculty advisor, or for upperclassmen needing additional staff advisor assistance – For a registration appointment (includes add/drop), to discuss the CE curriculum, or to change your degree objective from civil engineering (CODO out), you may schedule an appointment with your primary advisor, listed first on MyPurdue, using the corresponding links below. For assistance with other academic issues, such as study abroad interests, CODO INTO CE, transfer credit evaluation, etc. click the

Academic Assistance link

When scheduling any appointment, please make certain to note the reason for your visit.

Open Hours

For urgent issues* that require immediate attention, students can meet with a staff advisor on a first-come first-served basis during walk-ins or contact Deb Burrow to schedule an emergency appointment at 494-2166:

Marty Lah: 1-2 pm Monday – Thursday

Julie Jesiek: 9-9:30am Monday – Friday

* Urgent issues include impending deadline & add/drop dates, personal emergencies (student illness or injury, family emergency, need to withdraw from University), overrides that CE can provide during your registration time ticket, etc.

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