Appendix A - Architectural

Master’s students in the Architectural Engineering Specialization
(Non-Thesis Option)
Guidelines for Course Selection

Group 1. Seven Required Courses

CE 41300 - Building Envelope Design and Thermal Loads or CE 41400 - Building Mechanical and Electrical System Design *
CE 51300 – Lighting in Buildings (Spring)
CE 51401 – Building Controls (Spring)
CE 51501 – Building Energy Audits (Fall)
CE 59700 – Sustainable Building Design, Construction, and Operation (Fall)
CE59700 – Indoor Air Quality (Spring)
CE 59700 - Architecture and BIM for High Performance Buildings


* Note that students who join the graduate program in Civil Engineering at Purdue with the equivalent of CE 41300 or CE 41400 can substitute those with courses from Group 2. Students can take both courses (CE 41300 or CE 41400) with permission from their advisor - in this case the required number of courses from Group 1 would be 7 and CE41400 should be taken with 500-level course designation (with extra requirements) in coordination with the instructor. Also, students who have previously taken a class with similar content with one of the 500-level classes can request an approval to replace it with a course from Group 2.

Group 2. Other elective courses: A minimum number of one course from the following list*

ME 522 - Indoor Environment Analysis and Design (Spring)
ME 51800 – Analysis of Thermal Systems (Fall)
ME 59700 – Sustainable Energy Options & Analysis (Fall or Spring)
ME 59700 – Solar Energy Engineering (Fall or Spring)
CE 69700 – Building Thermal Analysis (Spring)
CE 69700 – Airflow Modelling in the Built Environment (Fall)
ME 50500 – Intermediate Heat transfer (Fall)
ME 41300 – Noise and Acoustics (Spring)
ME 51300 – Engineering Acoustics (Fall)
EEE 55500 – Life Cycle Assessment: Principles and Applications (Fall or Spring)
ME 59700 – Sustainable Design & Manufacturing
CE 47900 – Design of Building Components and Systems (Fall or Spring)
ME 60800 – Numerical Methods in Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer (Spring)
ME 61000 – Boundary Layer Theory (Spring)
ME 50900 – Intermediate Fluid Dynamics (Fall)
ME 60500 – Convection of Heat and Mass (Spring)
ME 61400 – Computational Fluid Dynamics (Spring)
ME 60600 – Radiation Heat Transfer (Fall)
CS 50100 – Computing For Science and Engineering (Fall)
ECE 46200 – Object Oriented Programming Using C++ And Java (Fall)
ECE 58000 – Optimization Methods for Systems and Control (Spring)
CS 51400 – Numerical Analysis (Fall)
MA 52100 – Introduction to Optimization Problems (Fall)
MA 52700 – Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I (Fall)
MA 52800 – Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists II (Spring)
STAT 51100 – Statistical Methods (Fall or Spring)
STAT 51200 – Applied Regression Analysis (Fall, Spring, Summer)
ME 58100 – Numerical Methods (Fall)
CE 61400 - Statistical & Econometric Methods I (Fall)
AAE 56800 - Applied Optimal Control & Estimation (Spring)

* Note that students may substitute courses from Group 2 with other that have equivalent content – permission of their advisor would be required.

Group 3: Three courses from Graduate Offerings in the College of Engineering, or STAT, MATH, CS


  1. Only one 300-level or 400-level class can be included in the MS Plan of Study.
  2. CE 41400 can be offered as a 500-level class with permission from the instructor


A Professional Masters Concentration (CE-LEM) is also available.  You can find more details about the concentration and the required coursework at: