Biological Engineering - Dual Degree Program

Biological engineering is a truly interdisciplinary field encompassing a broad range of areas from the nano to global scales, but which share the common feature of existing at the intersection of engineering and biological sciences.  The future biological engineer will be expected to design, model, fabricate, and even control living systems at the same level of detail as an electrical engineer designs electronic circuits.  Such engineers will need a clear mastery of fundamental biological sciences and methods as well as engineering design and analysis skills.

ABE has created a new dual degree B.S./M.S. program for students who are interested in biological engineering and advanced biotechnology.  The plan of study integrates undergraduate research and laboratory experiences starting the sophomore year and is intended to prepare students for PhD. level graduate studies or research oriented industry positions.

Students in the program will receive a B.S. degree in biological and food process engineering and a M.S. degree in a research area within biological engineering.  The program can be completed in as little as 5 years due to the early introduction of research into the undergraduate curriculum.  In addition, students will apply for graduate student status during their junior year and will then be eligible for graduate student funding after acceptance into the graduate school.

For more information contact Nikki Zimmerman (grad), Nate Engelberth, or Yvonne Hardebeck (undergrad) with Student Services.