ABE Graduate Degrees

Master of Science in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Students that have received a BS ABE degree from an ABET approved Agricultural and Biological Engineering program can pursue an MSABE degree. International students are also eligible for this degree, if their undergraduate degree is in Agricultural and Biological Engineering or a closely related program. Given the diversity of engineering programs and educational systems throughout the world, the graduate committee may ask the student to document his/her eligibility for this degree option.

Master of Science

Students with a non-engineering BS degree and an interest in agricultural systems management or new and emerging technology areas are admitted to this degree program. New and emerging areas in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering include Biological Engineering and Technology, Ecological Sciences and Engineering, and Fluid Power. Students must have demonstrated acceptable performance at the undergraduate level in the biological sciences, chemistry, physics, food science, mathematics, and have a knowledge of computer use for communications and problem-solving. International students are also eligible for this degree.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Admission to the Ph.D. program is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of an MS degree in an Engineering, Technology, Sciences, or Agricultural Systems Management program. Admission into a Ph.D. program direct from a BS program is possible in exceptional cases.

There are 21 credits of formal coursework required beyond the MS (42 hours beyond the BS) and an additional 39 credits of research with the student's work culminating in a written dissertation. In contrast to the various master's degrees, the Purdue doctoral degree is not designated by department or by area of specialization. The area of specialization is, however, recorded on student transcripts. This degree objective is available to qualified students desiring either an engineering, technology, or systems management program in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department.

A BS/MS Dual Degree program is also available.

Students who do not have an undergraduate engineering degree can take additional courses if they wish to have a graduate engineering degree.