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Recent Graduate Student Defense

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Dissertation Defense:

  • Dr. Jinsha Li - Volume Fraction Dependence of Linear Viscoelasticity of Starch Suspension (Narsimhan)
  • Dr. Anthony Hearst - Remote Sensing of Soybean Canopy Cover, Color, and Visible Indicators of Moisture Stress Using Imagery from Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Saraswat)
  • Dr. Femeena Pandara Valappil - Improving Nutrient Transport Simulation in SWAT by Developing a Reach-Scale Water Quality Model (Chaubey)
  • Dr. Garett Pignotti - Evaluating IMpacts of Remote Sensing Soil Moisture Products on Water Quality Model Predictions in Mixed Land Use Basins
  • Dr. Maya Fitriyanti - Synergistic Effect of Ultrasonication on Antimicrobial Action of Cecropin P1 against Escherichia coli. (Narimshan)
  • Dr. Rene Chacon - Virtual Prototyping of Axial Piston Machines of Swash Plate Type (Vacca)
  • Dr. Gabriel Wilfong - Modeling and analysis of ground-based autonomous agricultural vehicles (Lumkes)
  • Dr. Gabriella Mendes Candido de Oliveira - Modeling Microbial Inactivation Subjected to Nonisothermal and Non-Thermal Food Processing Technologies (Campanella)

Thesis Defense:

  • Stephen Kines - Modeling the Impacts of Lakes and Wetlands on Streamflow Hydrology (Cherkauer)
  • Zackariah Horn - Well-Driver PUP (Purdue Utility Project) (Stwalley)
  • Grace Baldwin - Development of Design Criteria and Options for promoting lake restoration of Lake Bosomtwe and increased livelihoods for smaller-holder farmers near Lake Bosomtwe - Ghana, West Africa (Stwalley)
  • Aaron Etienne - Automated Weed Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques on UAV-based Imagery (Saraswat)
  • Mingyuan Chen - Development of Pico Solar Crop Dryer (POD) for Farm Level Grain Drying by Small Holder Farmers in Africa (Stroshine)
  • Jeff Fiechter - Digital Soil Mapping: Developing and Testing a Machine Learning Based Field Soil Mapping Tool (Saraswat)
  • Sean Tormoehlen - Analysis of Senior Farmer Work-Related Fatalities in Indiana with Application of Findings to Injury Prevention Efforts (Field)