Future Students

Career Options and Opportunities

Read below about areas students in ABE might find careers, or click here to see current internship/full-time employment opportunities.

The Agricultural & Biological Engineering student placement is fantastic!  We typically have the highest starting salary in the College of Agriculture, and we're typically in the top three in the College of Engineering. 

Dr. Krutz with an undergraduate studentAgricultural Systems Management - graduates of this program are sought by state, national and multinational firms both large and small.  Employers like what they see in ASM graduates, a broad base of technical knowledge, ability to apply learned skills, plus communication and management skills.  In addition to the rigors of the coursework involved, and the advantages of small class size and hands-on laboratory activities, the ASM student experience is enhanced by exposure to guest lectures, opportunities to attend special seminars and participation in student clubs and activities, both on and off campus, making ASM students a desirable commodity for business, industry, academia and government.  Job placement for ASM graduates is excellent and many choose graduate school to attain their goals.

Biological Engineering - graduates of this program will find careers in the application of the basic scientific and engineering principles to the design, development and operation of large scale manufacture of food and biologically based products.  BE graduates have careers in Research and Development, Process and Design Engineering and Manufacturing.  Engineers in research and development (R&D) work to develop and refine new and existing processes and products.  They work closely with the scientists who develop a particular product, adapting and modifying the product until it has the desired characteristics.  Products of companies that hire our graduates include foods , pharmaceuticals, biofuels, bioplastics, and other "green manufactured" products.  The R&D Engineer defines an economical and practical method of manufacturing the product, which is then translated to pilot plant scale where equipment is chosen and tested.  Manufacturing engineers are responsible for keeping the processing plant running smoothly.  They deal with issues such as product production, maintenance of equipment and facilities, and utility operations.  BE students enjoy excellent salaries and ample opportunities for advancement.

Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering - this program prepares engineers to manage and conserve our nation's water and natural resources.  Many graduates work for conservation agencies such as U.S. EPA, USDA, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  Many graduates of this program work on developing flood control measures, designing conservation structure for agricultural land and managing watershed protection projects.  Many recent graduates work for engineering consulting firms, and others help industries look at the impact of their activities on the environment.  Recent ENRE graduates are currently designing remediation techniques to reduce riverbank erosion, assessing contaminated land using geospatial technologies such as GPS and GIS, designing stable waterways for drainage and irrigation water, designing equipment for waste application that produces less odor, designing wetlands for waste processing from a food processor.  The combination of biology, engineering and environmental sciences studied by ENRE opens up a world of career opportunities.

Students with earth-moving equipmentMachine Systems Engineering - the education you receive with MSE will provide you with the state-of-the-art tools for designing and analyzing complex mechanical and hydraulic systems but also the skills to assess their safety, reliability, operator comfort and impact on the environment.  You will also learn how to easily communicate your ideas to others.  Many of our graduates are working for both big and small machinery manufacturing companies, as well as materials handling, construction and mining, forestry, lawn and ground care and food and fiber production and processing.

Both Purdue University and the Agricultural and Biological Engineering department will assist students in finding internships and job opportunities through various programs.