June 2020 ABeNotes - Isolation Edition Vol. III

Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition Winners

Due to editorial oversight, this item was published in May but not included in the May ABeNotes.

The Purdue Student Soybean Innovation Competition Award Ceremony was held “live” on Facebook on Tuesday, April 21st.  If you would like to see the Award Ceremony follow this link  -  http://bitly.ws/8uLr

This year 12 teams pitched for the top prizes with Team HerbiSoy being named the $20,000 winner! 

College of Agriculture students Alyson Chaney and Peyton Clark developed a soy-based herbicide that is more efficient than what is currently on the market and is safer for people, animals and pets.

Left to Right:  Peyton Clark, Alyson Chaney

The Second Place $10,000 winning team was Team Double B, who developed a safer and longer lasing soy-based dog chew, which also adds fiber and protein.

Left to Right:  Minghui Deng, Zhiyao Song

Third Place and $5,000 went to Team SoyFlex, who designed and developed an insert for shoes, which last longer and absorbs odors better than the current products on the market.

Left to Right:  Melanie Kaplan, Nolan Miller, Hannah Bentley

The People’s Choice Award of $500 went to Team 60 Soylution, who created a non-toxic and non cross-linking soy based composite material, in two forms.

Left to Right:  Tunn Prasoprat, Ratchaphak Tantisanghirun (ABE), Thiti Suttiyut, Isara Tangpoolcharoen

Other ABE teams –

Team SAGE:  Soy-based dryer ball

Left to Right Front:  Andres Dextre, Sarah Heffner

Left to Right Back:  Erick Forkpah, Jieun Lee




Team ProTEAn:  Soy-based tea bag

Left to Right:  Sean Renwick, Hailey Kitchell, Julia Mollenhauer








Team GoPoly:              Soy-based phone case and Senior Design Project

Left to Right:  Jingyuan Li, Zifeng Huang, Shuyi Peng, Kunming Shao




Other ABE Students –

Sarah Ettestad and Cassidy Lurk – Team Soyful Nails a soy-based nail powder dip

Congratulations to all teams and students – Great Job!



June 2020 Alumni News

Mark Gee, BE 2019

Since graduating in 2019, I've been leading a team for the Rockefeller 2050 Food Systems Vision contest that is trying to bring Iowans together around achieving net-zero soil erosion. We advanced from 1500 applicants to one of 80 semifinalists, and will hear back in August if we are selected as one of the ten finalists.  

So much of what I learned at Purdue found its way into the application and I appreciate the advice you gave me.



Nan Hammel, AE 2020

Nan is with Casas for Cristo. Check our her newsletter!


June Ambassadors


June 2020 Faculty News

Professor Nadia Gkritza has been appointed as a member of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Food Transportation - AT030 by the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Her term began April 13, 2020, and will run through April 14, 2022. Congratulations, Dr. Gkritza! You represent us well.

June 2020 National AgrAbility Project News

May was filled with catching up on projects and answering VR farm assessment questions and supplying quotes. It also included the attempt to conduct a virtual farm assessment of completed VR farm modifications (notice it was an attempt). We participated in a Zoom meeting with the Indiana VR home modification workgroup and Indiana Director of Project Initiatives. We have transitioned from being able to conduct farm assessments to  being unable, to allowed with a mask and social distancing.  Farmers want to see us and be able to discuss matters in a more relaxed environment.

As a part of the AgrAbility team, we have attended weekly Zoom meetings with Ag & Natural Resource Extension Educators with updates on Covid-19 and extension activities. We have also taken part in multiple webinars related to Covid-19 and conducted follow-up calls and e-mail communications with clients and vendors.

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June 2020 ABE Staff News

Mandy Limiac, lab manager for the Environmental Quality Lab (with Sara McMillan) is participating in the annual 4-H Academy a little differently this year! Because they had to go virtual, she created 2 hands-on videos students could watch and participate with from home. One video about engineering design and filter building and another on groundwater contamination can be found on the Ecology & Biogeochemistry of Wetlands Lab Youtube page. You can check them out (and share pics of your completed projects!) here: https://youtu.be/_pryUk3VtFw and https://youtu.be/R05oUZb3lnY


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