July 2020 ABeNotes Isolation Edition Vol. IV

July 2020 Faculty News

Professor Bob Stwalley received the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Materials and Methods Award of the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Division of ASEE.  As the 2020 recipient of this award, the BAE division requested that he give a keynote talk on an engineering education related topic. His presentation kicked-off the June 23 session sponsored by the division. You represent us well, Dr Bob!

Lafayette Jefferson High School Senior Dan Stwalley won the Gold Medal in the 2020 Purdue Regional Science Fair Engineering Division with some assistance from ABE Professor Richard Stroshine and Lab Manager David Wilson.  Stwalley’s project, Getting More Bang For Your Buck From Concrete, involved adding alternative materials to the aggregate in concrete and determining how the modified composite reacted in axial compression and bending.  His project also received the Purdue Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association Award in Chemistry, Engineering, and Mathematics and the US Navy Award for Excellence in Science.  Stwalley’s project was part of science teacher Joe Ruhl’s winning high school team.  Lafayette Jefferson has won 19 of the last 22 Purdue Regional Science Fairs under Ruhl’s leadership, and he was National Science Teacher of the Year in 2018.  Dan Stwalley’s (proud!) parents are ABE Professor Bob Stwalley and ABE alumna Dr. Carol Stwalley.

Dr. Mohit Verma's saliva-based test for COVID-19 made the top of the Den of Engineering's monthly newsletter! Congratulations, Dr. Verma.

Dr. Somali Chaterji's OPTIMUSCLOUD was also featured. 

On the lighter side, Professor Emeritus John Barrett offered a "counterpoint" for perspective!

July 2020 National AgrAbility Project News

Author: Steve Swain

June continued Ag & Natural Resources Extension Covid-19 updates.  The updates included policy updates on travel and meetings, county fairs, and crop and produce progress reports.  The updates also included virtual county fairs and modified livestock shows and canceling the Indiana State Fair and the Farm Progress Show.  Both events are major outreach activities for AgrAbility.  Educational webinars continued.

Client phone calls, VR client vendor quotes updates, and the first VR farm accessibility modification assessment since the shut down in early March.  AgrAbility continues to receive calls from veterans inquiring information about beginning farming including funding.  If they are from AgrAbility states, they are referred to the state AgrAbility staff.

Publications 2020 - July

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July 2020 Student News

Dani Winter (Sara McMillan's lab) presented her poster Designing Higher Denitrification Capacity into Riverine Floodplains Restorations at the virtual annual meeting of the American Ecological Engineering Society.  She won first place in the student poster symposium based on her poster and lightning talk and was invited to present this research at the International Ecological Engineering Society's meeting in September. In moving forward with her research, Dani was also recently awarded a student research grant from the Society of Wetland Scientists to research the effects of plant residue on denitrification and greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands. Congrats to Dani on all these accolades!

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