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2017 October ABeNotes

2017 October Alumni News

The Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering will be honoring C. Thomas Haan (BS '63, MS '65 AE) with the ABE Lifetime Achievement Award at ten am on Thursday, October 12, in ABE 301. Please join us for a Q&A time with Dr. Haan and the presentation of the award by Dr. Indrajeet Chaubey.

One of our alumni shared with us the passing of Donald W. Hitch (AE '59). Please see the obituary for details.

2017 October ABE Ambassadors Cookout

Author: Dan Taylor
Event Date: October 1, 2017

ABE Ambassadors along with Abby & Nate Engelberth, Al Heber, and Dan Taylor all had a great evening of fun.  Driving the Gator and PUP, eating a yummy meal, and playing a little 9-Square - "who knew Dr. Heber was that competitive".  It was great getting to know each other a little better!

2017 October AgrAbility Project News

Indiana AgrAbility rural rehabilitation specialist, Steve Swain, ATP, presented Practical AT Use to a class of Purdue graduate students.  The class, Assistive Technology Practice, introduces rehabilitation engineering through the use, design, evaluation, and delivery of assistive technology (AT) for persons with disabilities. Students learn about the pathophysiology of different categories of disabilities and their impact on daily living, educational, and occupational activities and explore a range of AT devices employed by each group.  The presentation included the services of AgrAbility, the assessment process, and the practical application of the process in an agriculture setting.

The National AgrAbility Project collaborated with Ohio AgrAbility in a diverse display of services and assistive technology at the Ohio Farm Science Review near London, Ohio on September 19-21, 2017.  Ohio AgrAbility offered sessions on Ohio AgrAbility services, assistive technology for the farm, Ohio Vocational Rehabilitation Services, worker’s compensation services, and a discussion about a capstone project for an Ohio AgrAbility client.  Well done Ohio AgrAbility!!!

Purdue University Extension collaborated with The Ohio State University Extension with displays and presentations at the Ohio Farm Science Review near London, Ohio.  Steve Swain, assistive technology specialist with the National AgrAbility Project, presented at the Small Farms Center: Military Veterans Return to the Farm.  The presentation reviewed the results of the Indiana AgrAbility portion of the Purdue Beginning Farmer Grant where Indiana AgrAbility focused on retired and active military veterans interested in returning to the farm.

2017 October Graduate Student News

Four ABE graduate students participated in the Debate Competition at the ESE Symposium on September 26. Sushant Mehan and Sara Daly made their case for mitigating climate change. Samira Fatemi and Antonio Santos won the event with their compelling argument in favor of alternative fuels. Congratulations to all our students for competing and for representing ABE at this exciting event.


2017 October New Scholars on the Block

This is a new feature to introduce our visiting scholars - please take a minute and check out what they are (or will be) up to! The images on the left are not large enough to read, but if you click on them, the larger PDF should load - please let Carol know if you run into difficulties (

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