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Indiana Water Use Policy

Irrigation Resources (intended for both Indiana and Michigan unless otherwise noted)

MSU Agricultural Climatologist Dr. Jeff Andresen and MSU Bio-Systems Engineering Agricultural Water Use Specialist Steven Miller have developed a web based irrigation scheduling system that downloads rainfall and solar radiation data directly from the Michigan Agricultural Weather Network (MAWN). The system is entirely web based; field data is entered and retrieved in a password protected user id system. There is no charge for the use of this system. The initial field setup requires a latitude and longitude for the field to be able to pull weather data from the most local weather station. Accuracy of the system still relies on collecting and entering rainfall information from rain gauges placed in the fields. The program has the ability to generate the MDA water use reporting form at the end of the season. Be sure to write down and keep track of your user ID, password and field IDs.

Other Irrigation Scheduling Programs:

The Michiana Irrigation Scheduler Program was developed jointly by MSU and Purdue Universities in the early 1990s. The program can be used to schedule irrigation but does not use solar radiation from weather station and is somewhat more limited in ability to adjust soil moisture levels during the growing season. To download the program onto your computer, you can go to the Purdue University Web Site listed below:

Irris Scheduler

Irrigation System Uniformity Evaluations

Water Use Reporting for Michigan Producers

Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool registration requests or on the State of Michigan DEQ page at

The following is a brief summary of water use reporting as it relates to agriculture.

General Information:

  • The need to report is based on having the combined capacity to pump 100,000 gallons per day (70 gallons per minute). This means all the capacities of wells under the control of one operator are added together to determine if they are required to report.
  • Water use reporting will impact virtually all irrigators that do not use a municipal water supply; including greenhouses, nurseries and golf courses.
  • Water use reporting will impact many medium- to large-livestock producers and may impact larger farm operations that have several wells at various sites that are used solely for human consumption and necessities.

2008 Changes to Water Use Legislation

Farmers report to MDARD:

Irrigation Costs

Estimating Annual Irrigation Costs

Irrigation Capital Model - Spreadsheet to determine capital investment - updated 1.27.13

Depreciation, Interest, Repair, Taxes, & Insurance -DIRTI formula Irrigation Cost Examples

Spreadsheet to determine capital investment prepared by Roger Betz, District Farm Educator

Irrigation Fact Sheets Developed by Lyndon Kelley

  1. Ag Water Use Reporting
  2. Irrigation Application Rates
  3. Irrigation Scheduling Tools
  4. Michigan Registration for New Agricultural Withdrawals
  5. Estimating Annual Irrigation Costs
  6. Aspects of Irrigation Land Lease Options
  7. Reducing and Evaluating Irrigation Runoff
  8. How to Get More Out of Your Irrigation System
  9. Michigan Large Volume Water Use Requirements
  10. Shared Irrigation Expenses
  11. Checklist for Planning Irrigation Systems
  12. Nitrogen Application with Irrigation
  13. Reducing and Evaluating Irrigation Runoff
  14. Irrigation Application

Irrigation Resources Developed by Lyndon Kelley

Irrigation Presentations

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