July 2022

Four DCSL PhD students graduate and start the next exciting phase of their journeys.

  • Ashraf Mahgoub. Thesis: Performance and Cost Optimization for Distributed Cloud-native Systems. Starting job: Intel in Seattle, WA.
  • Mustafa Abdallah. Co-supervised with Shreyas Sundaram. Thesis: Effects of Behavioral Decision-Making in Game-Theoretic Frameworks for Security Resource Allocation in Networked Systems. Starting job: IUPUI, Assistant Professor, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Ran Xu. Thesis: Approximation for Streaming Video Analytics on Mobile Devices. Starting job: NVIDIA in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Edgardo Barsallo. Thesis: Dependable Wearable Systems. Starting job: Post-doctoral Fellow at Purdue University.
Ashraf Mahgoub
Mustafa Abdallah at Commencement, Aug 2022.
Ran Xu in his Commencement regalia, January 2022.
Edgardo Barsallo Yi