Spring 2024 End of Semester

Pickleball at Purdue's RSC. Xiang and Giorgio on one side and Saurabh and Shayok on the other.Clockwise from near: Hyunseung, Azam, Leon, Giorgio, Mihir, Shayok, Saurabh, Sheetal, Aryamaan, Somali, Josh, Ahaan, Xiang, Cheng
At Peppercorn Kitchen. From L to R: Josh, Ahaan, Sheetal, Hyunseung, Cheng, Xiang, Somali, Mihir, Saurabh, Giorgio, Azam, Shayok, Aryamaan, Leon
Catching practice at Tippecanoe Amphitheater
Frisbee at the Tippecanoe AmphitheaterDCSL group social Spring 24: At Tippecanoe Amphitheater

Spring 2023 Mid-Semester

People do crazy things even devising their own games. At Fresh. From L: Cheng, Aryamaan, Shayok, Somali, Saurabh, Pengcheng, Josh, Hyunseung.
At Fresh. From L: Azaam, Darren, Aditya, Saurabh, Xiang, Ahaan.Some intense game of Taboo in progress.
Battle-hardened table tennis players all.

Fall 2022 End of Semester

Video of the actionMultiple tables of table tennis action going on.
Happy ping pong players, win or lose. From L: Josh, Hyunseung, Cheng, Jay (crouching), Aditya, Somali, Saurabh, Ahaan, Xiang, Pengcheng.A close up view of table tennis players, expert and novice.
At the Purdue Corec, after an intense game. From L: Cheng, Pengcheng, Hyunseung, Jay (crouching), Ahaan, Saurabh, Azam, Xiang, Josh Majors, Josh Zhao.

Fall 2022 Mid-Semester

Hiking the trails, adventure lead is SomaliSoccer on a cold afternoon. From L to R: Cheng, Josh Z, Akhil, Atul, Saurabh, William, Eshaan.

Fall 2022 Beginning

In the heat of Pictionary battleThe group: From L to R - Dipesh, Preeti, Jay, Saurabh, Cheng, Somali, Joe, Shayok, William, Eshaan, Josh Z, Xiang, Azam

Spring 2022 Mid-Semester

Fall 2021 Mid-Semester

A rare warm day in November. Under the open skies, Black and Gold fields at Purdue.A medley of games to suit all tastes --- soccer, cricket, ultimate frisbee, cornhole --- then some snacks, some healthy, some not so much.

Fall 2021 Beginning

Welcoming the new DCSL members. Games under the open skies, social distancing is no problem.
From L to R: Josh (Majors), Mustafa, Josh (Zhao), Saurabh, Ashutosh, Dipesh, Ran, Preeti, VictoriaTime for Preeti to show off she can throw frisbees
Time to show off soccer skillsNow it is Saurabh showing off he can throw frisbees

Spring 2021 End of Semester

Some nice chit-chat, food (ordered in), and games ("Drawsaurus", "Among Us"?), and DCSL semester awards all from the safety and comfort of Skype.

Fall 2020 End of Semester

Some nice chit-chat, food (ordered in), and games (did we say "Among Us"?) all from the safety and comfort of Zoom.

Spring 2020 Beginning

Some good competitive board games with: (from near going clockwise) Rui, Azam, Somali, Austin, Pengcheng, Karthick, Shayok, Saurabh, Edgardo, Jose, Sean.Taboo will do this to you.

Fall 2019 Beginning

Who complains about dorm food at Purdue! From left near to far: Atul, Edgardo (with Jose), Pengcheng, Yilun, Saurabh, Ran, Heng, Xingchen (almost hidden), Aritra. Right from near to far: Austin, Karthick, Somali, Shayok, Bidisha (Somali's mom), Shikhar, Ashraf, Mustafa (partly hidden).Same dining court, more food. Are we about done with gorging?
The standard standing group pic.
From L to R: Pengcheng, Yilun, Edgardo (with Jose), Xingchen, Ran, Heng, Ashraf, Saurabh, Sujit (Somali's dad), Somali and Shayok, Bidisha (Somali's mom) with Youssef (Ashraf's son), Mustafa, Shikhar, Atul, Karthick, Austin, Aritra.

Fall 2018 Beginning

The whole group after dinnerHard at play - Taboo - after dinner.

 Spring 2018 End

May 11, 2018: Ashraf winning the DCSL Group Champ award at the DCSL end Spring get-together, at the Purdue Graduate Student Lounge.May 11, 2018: At the DCSL end Spring get-together, at the Purdue Graduate Student Lounge. You see about half of current DCSL-ers winding down after the blur of papers, proposals, and presentations.
May 11, 2018: DCSL-ers lounging about preparing for the big (Pictionary) battle. Guess which movie is on. May 11, 2018: DCSL-ers all together for the Kodak, er ... Instagram, moment.
From left: Ran, Charitha, Paul, Nada (Ashraf's wife), Ashraf with Youssef (sitting), Subramaniyam, Ranvijay, Mustafa (sitting), Maha (Mustafa's wife, sitting), Ranvijay, Somali (Saurabh's wife), Saurabh (sitting) with Jose (Edgardo and Patricia's son) and Shayok (Saurabh and Somali's son), Matthew, Ji-Won (Jinkyu's wife), Aiden, Edgardo, Patricia (Edgardo's wife).
Photographer: Jinkyu


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