The Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory (DCSL) at Purdue University investigates the question of how to build dependable, heterogeneous, large-scale distributed systems.

“Dependability meets Data Analytics, and at Large Scales”

The above sums up our current research direction. We work on software systems to enable them to perform their functionality in the face of natural and malicious failures. We apply and adapt data analytic techniques to work with the noise of computer systems and at large system scales.

Our application contexts come from various domains, many from our industrial colleagues. These include: security-critical enterprise (with Missile Defense Agency, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin), mobile and cloud platforms (in collaboration with AT&T and IBM), large-scale scientific clusters and applications (in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Argonne National Lab), and cyber physical systems (in collaboration with GE Global Research Center and Sandia).

Our goal is to do cutting edge practical system building work that makes a splash in the academic community and a difference in the wider technology sphere through strategic collaborations with industrial partners. For more details, you can read the following:

  1. Our research overview
  2. Ten things we know to be true

We work with a variety of industrial partners through contract research, grants, voluntary gifts, consulting, software licensing, and good old chatting about cutting-edge problems and how our solutions apply to them (or not). We are typically covered under NDAs before initiating any of these avenues of collaboration. If interested, please contact the Managing Director of CRISP, Mary-Ann Satterfield at 765-494-6389 or msaterfi@ecn.purdue.edu.

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory with compute servers, printers, ad hoc wireless testbed, simulation tools, and other relevant software. Our facilities are in the Electrical Engineering (EE) building and the Materials Science and Electrical Engineering (MSEE) building in the Purdue Main campus.

Centers and Institutes

DCSL is the founding member of the College of Engineering-wide center called CRISP, founded 2018. DCSL is the founding member of the Army Research Lab-funded Institute called Assured Autonomy Innovation Institute (A2I2), founded 2020. DCSL is a proud member of The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) and the GE-sponsored center called PRIAM.

Work with Us

We look forward to working with energetic and driven individuals interested in systems research. This can be at any level – undergraduate, Masters, PhD, professional Research Scientists, or Visiting Researchers (for at least 6 months). We typically have research funding available to support these positions. If you are a student, please take a look at the following link about what we are looking for and the process for applying.

How to apply to DCSL

Where to Stay

If you are visiting us, the best place to stay is the Purdue-run Union Club Hotel, which is on Purdue campus, at the Memorial Union, and is an easy 5 minute walk to our facilities. Other options are the Hilton Garden Inn (West Lafayette) and the Four Points by Sheraton (West Lafayette). For both of these, you will have to take the hotel shuttle to get to campus.


Electrical Engineering Building
Electrical Engineering Building at Purdue University

Directions to get to my office in the Purdue EE building:

  • If you are flying into the Indianapolis airport (which is much more preferable than flying into Chicago), it should take 75-90 minutes to get to Purdue campus.
  • Park your car in the Northwestern Parking Garage and come and get a day parking permit which your host should have requested for you. With the permit, you can park in any A-parking spot in the garage, avoiding any reserved spot.
  • The Electrical Engineering building is right opposite the garage (See campus map below). I am in EE 329. In case I am unreachable, my secretary is Mary-Ann Satterfield in EE 326B and her phone number is 494-6389. My cell number is 765-427-5708.

Last modified: September 24, 2023