Reading Group

For Spring 2021, we will be meeting on Tuesdays 11.30-1.00.

The papers are samples and the discussion will go beyond them or may use other papers altogether.

Jan 26, Feb 2How to write a strong evaluation sectionSaurabh
Feb 9Lightning talks from all group membersAll
Feb 16Own work: Security of Android devicesJosh
Feb 23, Mar 2Reliability and security of serverless computing
Sreekanti et al. "A Fault-Tolerance Shim for Serverless Computing" Eurosys 2020.
Datta et al. "Valve: Securing Function Workflows on Serverless Computing Platforms" WWW 2020.
Karthick, Ashraf
Mar 9Own work: IoT deploymentsPengcheng, Edgardo
Mar 16, 23Reliable computing with heterogeneous embedded devices and dronesRan, Jay
Mar 30Own work: Security in distributed MLAtul
Apr 6, 20 (Apr 13 is reading day and off for students)Distributed ML on lightweight devicesPranjal, Tanushree
Apr 27Own work: Security in MLRuqi
May 4Lessons learnedSaurabh

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