August 2023

  1. Three new graduate researchers join our group. [ Profile and pics ]
    • Sheetal Prasanna: With an undergraduate from Indiana University. She is going to work on edge offloading of demanding video analytics applications.
    • Kasra Derakhshandeh: With an undergraduate from Tehran University. He is going to work on distributed protocols for drone swarms.
    • Muhammad Taha: With an undergraduate degree from LUMS, Pakistan. He is going to work on in-network analytics, along with Prof. Vishal Shrivastav.
  2. We are looking for multiple funded Undergraduate Research Assistant positions for two projects.
    • Security and privacy in distributed machine learning (see our CVPR 23 and S&P 24 papers)
    • Serverless computing (see our Sigmetrics 22 and OSDI 22 papers)

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