April 2021

Our project on streaming video analytics for embedded systems gets funding from the Amazon Research Awards (ARA) program. We were awarded in the category “AWS AI”. This is a joint project with our computer vision collaborator, Yin Li from U of Wisconsin at Madison, and Somali Chaterji (Purdue ABE). Our graduate researchers, Ran, Pengcheng, and Jay are leading the charge on this.

The work builds on our continuing work developing efficient video streaming analytics solutions for resource-constrained mobile or embedded GPUs. See our Sensys 2020 paper for a preview of the work we are doing. The work has spurred collaboration and possible adoption by AWS SageMaker, with technical discussions with Dr. Bratin Saha at AWS.

Purdue University - Department of Computer Science - Saurabh Bagchi
Saurabh (PI)
Yin Li headshot
Yin (U of Wisconsin)
Somali Chaterji
Team Members – Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory
Team Members – Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory