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The Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory (DCSL) at Purdue University investigates the question of how to build dependable, heterogeneous, large-scale distributed systems. Since many business and life critical functions are being performed by distributed systems, they need to be dependable while meeting their performance goals. Thus, there is need for smart error detection, diagnosis and recovery protocols. There is also need for architectures that can combine fault tolerance and security aspects with performance aspects in an adaptive manner, adapting to different user requirements and different runtime environments. This is our mission at DCSL.

Our application contexts come from various domains, many from our industrial colleagues. These include: Department of Defense security-critical enterprise (with Missile Defense Agency, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin), mobile and cloud platforms (in collaboration with IBM), large-scale scientific clusters and applications (in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Lab), and mobile ad hoc, sensor, and mesh networks (in collaboration with Emnet LLC and our startup company, SensorHound Innovations).

Our goal is to do cutting edge practical system building work that makes a splash in the academic community and a difference in the wider technology sphere through strategic collaborations with industrial partners and of late, through a startup company that we have kicked off to commercialize our work on embedded system debugging (SensorHound LLC).

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Recent News

February 22, 2014: Our paper titled "pSigene: Webcrawling to Generalize SQL Injection Signatures" is accepted to DSN, the 44th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Dependable Systems and Networks. This work shows how to learn from a corpus of SQL injection attacks using machine learning techniques, bi-clustering and logistic regression, and match against new attacks. This is work done by DCSL researchers Gaspar (who graduated in 2013 and is now working for Narus Networks/Boeing), Fahad, Chris, and Saurabh, and our machine learning collaborator, Alan Qi. 




January 2014: DCSL gets an award from the Trask Fund for Technology Commercialization. This fund is administered by Purdue's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) and is meant to make a Purdue technology more commercially marketable. In this  funding cycle, our project titled "Achieving Predictable Performance on the Public Cloud" was awarded as one of three projects. The project funding is decided based on a written proposal and a presentation to a group of Purdue inventors and entrepreneurs. There are two funding cycles each year in this program. Subrata and Amiya are working on this project. [ Purdue University news story ] [ Yahoo Finance news story ]


February 3, 2014: Our first PLDI paper is accepted. This is on debugging hangs and performance problems in parallel applications through dynamic monitoring. This is work spearheaded by Subrata in collaboration with LLNL. [ pdf ]


January 22, 2014: To all those who wrote in asking about the safety of DCSL members in view of the tragic shooting in the Electrical Engineering (EE) building yesterday, thank you. And thankfully, we are all safe. [ Read more ]


November 11, 2013: Saurabh is selected as an ACM Distinguished Scientist. The ACM Distinguished Member Recognition Program recognizes those members with at least 15 years of professional experience who have made significant accomplishments or achieved a significant impact on the computing field. Distinguished Member is a member grade recognizing up to 10% of the top ACM members. In 2013, ACM elevated 40 of its members to Distinguished Member status. Saurabh was nominated for laying the software basis for designing distributed systems that can tolerate faults under a variety of operating conditions.

ACM news story is at:

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