Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory

The Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory (DCSL) at Purdue University investigates the question of how to build dependable, heterogeneous, large-scale distributed systems.

“Dependability meets Data Analytics, and at Large Scales”

The above sums up our current research direction. We work on software systems to enable them to perform their functionality in the face of natural and malicious failures. We apply and adapt data analytic techniques to work with the noise of computer systems and at large system scales. Current application domains come from distributed software systems, embedded systems, cellular systems, and bioinformatics.

Since many business and life critical functions are being performed by distributed systems, they need to be dependable while meeting their performance goals. Thus, there is need for smart error detection, diagnosis, and recovery protocols. Since many of these systems operate on vast amounts of data and the patterns of errors or normal operation are approximate and noisy, we have to adapt leading-edge machine learning tools to these systems problems. There is also need for architectures that can combine dependability and security aspects without significantly degrading performance and do this in an adaptive manner, adapting to different user requirements and different runtime environments. This is our mission at DCSL.

Our application contexts come from various domains, many from our industrial colleagues. These include: security-critical enterprise (with Missile Defense Agency, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin), mobile and cloud platforms (in collaboration with AT&T and IBM), large-scale scientific clusters and applications (in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Argonne National Lab), and cyber physical systems (in collaboration with GE Global Research Center and Sandia).

Our goal is to do cutting edge practical systems work that makes a splash in the academic community and a difference in the wider technology sphere through strategic collaborations with industrial partners. DCSL is the founding lab within the Purdue College of Engineering Center for Resilient Infrastructures, Systems, and Processes (CRISP).


Latest News

  1. March 2018: Our ransomware defense technique, R2D2, is profiled in Bleeping Computer and the Register (UK). This is work done by PhD alum Chris Gutierrez (now at Intel), undergraduate alum Tom Yurek (now a PhD student at UIUC), Gene Spafford, and Saurabh. [ Web page ] [ Web page ]
  2. February 2018: Take a peek at our position paper on dependability in edge computing “Living on the Edge Dependably: New Challenges and Solution Directions”, jointly with Jitesh Panchal (Purdue ME). This has been invited to the NSF Workshop on Grand Challenges in Computer Systems Research to be held with ASPLOS on Mar 24-25, 2018 at Williamsburg, VA. [ PDF ]
  3. February 2018: DCSL is in the news for our work on game theory and cybersecurity and our work on anomaly detection through streaming analytics. [ WWW ] [ WWW ]
    • Update: Our work with Sandia National Labs on this topic is featured in a Sandia publication. [ PDF ]
  4. January 2018: A large new project worth $39M for 5 years starts. The project, funded by Lilly Endowment, will develop IoT systems to enable smart agriculture and smart manufacturing. DCSL researchers, Saurabh, Edgardo, and Heng, will be leading the charge on building a reliable wireless mesh network, data analytics to detect failing sensor nodes, and visualization of the data and the network status. [ WWW ] [ WWW ]
  5. December 2017: At the end-of-semester DCSL reception on December 8, the group champ award was given. It was awarded to Ran Xu [ pic ]. The citation reads: “Accuracy, Reliability, & Speed: Making the twains meet”. The best fresher award was given to Mustafa Abdalla [ pic ]. The citation reads: “For gaming all the way to security”.
Last modified: April 3, 2018