Announcement of Undergraduate Research Assistantship Positions

Topics: (1) Machine Learning Security

(2) Serverless Computing


Saurabh Bagchi

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Purdue University




Posted: August 29, 2023

We are looking for multiple Undergraduate Research Assistants on two funded projects. The positions are available now. The positions are open to a junior in ECE or CS, who can commit to 2 semesters of working on the project. We may also hire exceptional sophomore students in ECE or CS. Each position will be for 10 hours/week and paid at $12-18/hour (depending on expertise level). The interview process will start now and will conclude within 2 weeks or when the positions are filled.

Project 1: Security and privacy of distributed machine learning protocols.

Project 2: Machine learning applications on serverless cloud computing platforms.

Characteristics of applicants: (Common to both) Strong system building skills as evidenced by prior projects (available on Github, etc.), scripting skills, ML platform knowledge of TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Skills expected: Machine learning applications in any of audio, image, video processing

Skills expected: Cloud-based applications in any of cloud DB, ML, Devops

Application procedure

Upload two documents to the following Dropbox link. The first document answers the following questions and the second is your CV. Qualified candidates will be invited for interviews.

1.    Which project(s) are you applying for?

2.    What is your expected graduation date? Is graduate study on the cards/likely?

3.    What are your grades in CS/ECE courses at Purdue? What are your grades in programming courses?

4.    How far do you meet the points above under “Characteristics of applicants” and “Skills expected”?

5.    Is there a Purdue person (professor, supervisor, etc.) who can speak about your qualifications?