Ziro in CES 2016

by | Jan 5, 2016

Our lab Partner ZeroUI Inc. in Cupertino, California, (http://zeroui.com/) is showing Ziro in CES 2016! Please check Ziro (http://www.ziro.io/) for more details. More reports about Ziro in CES 2016 please refer to:

What is Ziro?

Ziro is a modular robotics kit made up of individual mechanized motor modules that are controlled by a wireless smart glove.

Design and construct your robots out of any material you have available including our pre-made starter kits. Attach the Ziro modules to animate your creations using continuous rotational or hinge movements.

Use the smartphone app to configure the modules using the pre-made programming templates or input your own custom gestures.

Control your creations remotely using the Ziro smart glove. Your hand gestures send commands to the modules so that when you move, they move.

Forget controlling robots with clunky remotes — ZeroUI wants you to start manipulating them with your hands. That’s why it created the Ziro, a robotics kit that’ll let you build your very own robot army — or at least the beginnings of one — and allow you to control it just by wiggling your fingers. The starter kit contains four wireless motorized modules, a remote-control glove, a charging station, basic building materials and a mobile configuration app for Android and iOS. It also includes a few simple model designs in the box, though it encourages you to be creative and make your own crazy creations instead.

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