Toy Makers Fair – December 5th 2013

by | Dec 5, 2013

This course combines CAD techniques and strategies with design in teams. ME444 in its new form combines the right balance of hands-on-design in the lecture/workshops with the CAD skills learnt in the labs. Students design toys using inspiration-ideation-imagination-iteration-implementation in a new innovation framework. The focus of the course is on product design, generating and communicating design ideas, and learning to use effective tools for design (including CAD). The toy design provides a scaffold for students to learn the design process holistically. The course will concentrate on CAD on the one hand and design thinking techniques in the lectures. The students understandings from the lecture and from the lab are brought together in the form of a toy design project. The lectures and workshops will directly contribute to the toy design while inspiring students to enjoy and have fun in this class while still learning through work!