Towards Beautification of Freehand Sketches using Suggestions

by | May 16, 2009

Authors: Sundar Murugappan, Subramani Sellamani and Karthik Ramani
SBIM '09: Proceedings of the 6th Eurographics Symposium on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2009, pp 69-76

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Beautification of freehand sketches is integral for building robust sketch understanding systems and sketch-based inter-faces for CAD. Many of the current methods for beautification do not consider some important information implied in the sketches such as spatial relationships (geometric constraints) between primitives. In addition, as the freehand input is am-biguous in nature, correctly interpreting the visual scene the user has in mind is a difficult problem. To this extent, we present our ongoing work, a suggestive interface for constraint-driven beautification of freehand sketches which provides multiple interpretations of the freehand input, from which the user can choose the intended result. A preliminary user study has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method.









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