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by | Jun 30, 2015

Our research is at the cross-roads of mechanical engineering and computer sciences driven by geometry and design inspired areas. In particular our core areas are related to machine learning, human-computer natural interaction, computational geometry/modeling, and design. Design as an expression of shapes and manufuture are among our core applications. Our
group projects and vision are focused on creating the geometry inspired algorithms for natural creation, reasoning, sensing and response to both virtual and physical artifacts. Our current application areas are inspired by the future we strive to create. We build upon our past successes such as in shape-based search, developing tools for early design, and significant experiences in the making of things.

Our current areas of closely interrelated research are computationally inspired by and through design in (1) creative and natural design of shapes aided by computational algorithms, (2) understanding design and creating natural, collaborative and visual digital exploratorium¹s for design, (3) understanding and designing of next generation interactive games, (4) development of new responsive products, artistic, and construction kits, and (5) geometry inspired machine learning kernels to understand graphs and data spaces.

An underlying theme of our research in design is closely tied to helping students learn to design using play and fun with toy design as a test-bed as well as interdisciplinary design projects. We embed sustainable and design thinking and developing creative and innovative design and computational engineers.

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