Product personalization enabled by assembly architecture and cyber physical systems

by | Feb 14, 2017

Authors: Changbai Tan, S. Jack Hu, Haseung Chung, Kira Barton, Cecil Piya, Karthik Ramani and Mihaela Banu
CIRP Annals 66.1 (2017): 33-36.

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Personalization is an emerging manufacturing paradigm towards meeting diversified customer needs. This paper proposes a framework for producing personalized products efficiently. An approach for optimal mix of different module types is proposed in order to construct a proper assembly architecture. Sketch-based modeling, which facilitates easy model creation and modification by customers, is presented as a key to personalized design. A cyber physical system provides the platform for the collaborative design and co-creation of personalized products. A case study on personalized bicycles based on the proposed framework is presented. Such a framework enables open product realization through active customer participation.

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