Zucrow Student Association (ZSA)



zsa_volleyball.jpg The Zucrow Student Association (ZSA) organizes educational and social events, promoting an inclusive lab for all Zucrow students.  We host monthly ‘Lunch and Learns’ where students listen to interesting lectures about a wide range of topics.  Every three weeks, ZSA brings coffee and donuts to the whole of Zucrow (in summer, it’s ice-cream and sorbet!)  We also love having picnics and beach volleyball at Pickett Park, and this semester we organized a volleyball team, football team, and a basketball team.  We fund these activities with sales of Purdue Propulsion apparel, mugs, lanyards, and souvenirs -- so that everyone can proudly represent Zucrow Labs!

One of our biggest roles is to give tours of the facilities, so that visitors can see our research.  From scientists to schoolchildren, the more people that see the work of Zucrow Labs, the more advancements will be made in the propulsion field!

Contact the Zucrow Student Association at zsa@purdue.edu