Research Labs

Zucrow Labs consists of six buildings housing twenty-two individual laboratories, a computer lab with two server clusters on site, a professional machine shop, and air compressors and air tanks capable of delivering 3300 cubic feet of air at 2200 psi. Associated with eight of the twenty-two individual labs are a total of eighteen "hazard" test cells and four "high hazard" test cells.

The lab also offers a 72-seat auditorium, a conference room, office space for 75 researchers, and onsite clerical, business office, and technical support.

Compressor Rig

Combustion Lab (ZL1)

  • Fundamental combustion
  • Heart blood flow and turbulence
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Micro-air vehicle
  • Sprays
  • Turbomachinery
APCL image

Gas Dynamics (ZL2)

  • Combustion Instability
  • Hybrid Rocket Combustion
  • Coal Gasification

High Pressure Lab (ZL3)

  • Gas turbine combustion stability
  • Gas turbine emissions
  • Gas turbine high temperature fuel
  • Large liquid rocket engine combustion
  • Supersonic combustion
Gelled Propellant

Propulsion Lab (ZL4)

  • Rheology/combustion of gelled hypergolic propellants
  • Solid propellant combustion
  • Advanced solid propellants
  • Blast effects
  • Energetic materials

Water heating system

Research in Aeromechanics & Propulsion - RAMP (ZL5)

  • Center for Integrated Thermal Management of Aerospace Vehicles (CITMAV) Testbed
  • Wind Turbine Research Facility (Wind Tunnel)
  • High Speed Turbomachinery

Student working under a hood

Solid Propellant Synthesis Lab (ZL6)

  • Infrastructure to mix and cure small batches of solid propellants.
  • Dual planetary and resonant acoustic mixers
Test Cells

High Pressure Combustion Lab (ZL8)

  • Combustion Test Cells
  • Laser Laboratory
  • Turbine Heat Transfer Rig
Test Cell Design

Lab Infrastructure

  • Air System Supply
  • Data Acquisition and Control
  • Flow Capabilities
  • Heated Air System
  • Heated Fuel Capabilities
  • Nitrogen System
  • Propellant Systems