Develop Technical and Organizational Leadership and Other Professional Skills in VIP

VIP provides the time and context for you to gain deeper insights into your field of study, to learn and practice professional skills, to make substantial contributions to real-world projects, and to become proficient in different roles on teams. In VIP, you will learn to integrate and apply knowledge from your coursework and have the opportunity to develop critical professional skills, including oral and written communication, technical coordination, project management, independent learning, leadership, and information literacy.

The long-term nature of VIP creates an inclusive environment of mentorship, with faculty and graduate students guiding teams, experienced students mentoring new students and moving into leadership roles as others graduate. Although registration for multiple semesters is not required (except for Learning Community and Senior Design Students), you will gain the most from VIP if you participate for multiple semesters and/or years.


Each team is structured uniquely to fit the individual projects, and thus have different expectations related to goal of the team and prior knowledge and skills. Check out the teams link to find the team(s) that align with your interests.


Course numbers, CRN codes, and instructions on how to register can be found here.  Please note that VIP must be taken for a letter grade.  It cannot be taken P/NP.

Course Documents and other info:

Contact us:

  • General email: VIP (vip at purdue dot edu)
  • Dr. Carla Zoltowski, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director (cbz at purdue dot edu)
  • Dr. Nichole Ramirez, Vertically Integrated Projects, Assistant Director (nramire at purdue dot edu)