RVL Projects' Archive
Research in Wireless Camera Networks
The Purdue-Olympus A-Cubed Project
Object Tracking Using a Wireless Camera Network
Tracking Humans with a Wired Camera Network
Distributed Online Localization of Wireless Camera-based Sensor Networks by Tracking Multiple Moving Objects
Sensor Selection Problem in Large Camera-Based Sensor Networks
Line Tracking for Assembly-on-the-fly
Peg-n-Hole Demo 
3D Tracking of 3D Rigid Objects with Direct Image Alignment and Local Appearance Based Feature Matching
Model-Based 3D Rigid Objects Tracking
Content-Based Image Retrieval from large Medical Image Databases
Multimedia Database for Self-diagnosis of skin lesions
Interactive Image Segmentation
Computer Vision for Recognition of American Sign Language
Robust Motion Estimation under Varying Illumination
Person Following using a Vision-Guided Mobile Robot
Illumination Invariant Color Representation
Hierarchical Data Structure for Real-Time Background Subtraction
Segmentation of Apple Fruit from Video via Background Modeling
3D Modeling of Optically Challenging Real-World Objects
Managing Complexity of Large/Ultra Large Software System
Fast Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Navigation using Model-Driven Reasoning and Prediction of Uncertainty
A Vision-based Robot Navigation Architecture using Fuzzy Inference for Uncertainty-Reasoning
Stereo Vision for Bin Picking of Complex 3D Objects
A 3D Vision System For Twisted-Tubular Objects
3D Vision for Automated Tire Unloading
3D Vision for Torque Converter Localization
The Multi-Hash 3D Vision System
A Large-Scale Expert System Shell using Fuzzy Logic for Uncertainty Reasoning
Vision-Based Quadruped Walking Robot System