RVL Cloud 

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Today, there is an explosive growth in both the size and variety of data available for machine and vision processing. For instance new biometric sensors, smartphone sensors, higher resolution satellites etc. continuously record terabytes of data that then need to be subjected to data mining techniques in order to extract useful information from them. In order to be able to design, develop and evaluate state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms on such huge datasets in realtime, we have built our own in-house RVL Cloud that runs on the OpenStack framework. This is the home page for our RVL Cloud where we hope to share our experience and knowledge in setting up a powerful open-source cloud computing platform.

Hardware Specification:

Some Useful Bash Scripts:  

If you are interested in setting up your own OpenStack cloud, here are some bash script that you might find helpful. A common strategy in setting up a new cloud platform is to first install a cloud controller in one of the physical nodes. Subsequently, you create your first general-purpose compute node for the cloud on another machine. Finally, you duplicate the compute node in the other machines you are deploying for the cloud. In the cloud platform thus created, you can then start creating virtual machines for whatever application you have in mind. The scripts that are listed below should help you with all these phases of an OpenStack cloud set-up.  

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