Bracelets for Bina's Brothers

Author: Rajani LaRocca
Lower Age: 3
Upper Age: 6
Price: $15.99
Year Added: 2021
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Bracelets for Bina's Brothers Book Cover
This is a cute story about a girl named Bina who decides to make bracelets as gifts for her brothers for the Hindu holiday Raksha Bandhan.

Bracelets for Bina’s Brothers is a beautiful children’s book for ages 3 to 6 written by Rajani LaRocca, illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat, and published by Charlesbridge.

Bina must create a bracelet using her brothers’ favorite colors and limited beads. Will she be able to create patterned bracelets for all three of her brothers with these criteria and constraints? Through creative and mathematical thinking, as well as iterative design, Bina works toward designing a solution to her problem. 

The design of this book is beautiful and well-thought-out. The illustrations include bright, bold colors combined with organic shapes to capture the eyes of the reader and give the book a homey and welcoming feel. This book also provides female and Hindu representation in STEAM. It provides insight into another culture that many readers may not have originally been familiar with. This gift is perfect for young readers to learn about engineering, family, and Hindu culture.

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Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking (EThink)
Processes of Design (POD)

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