Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever

Author: Ruth Spiro
Lower Age: 3
Upper Age: 8
Price: $17.99
Year Added: 2021
Amazon URL:
Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever Book Cover
This book tells the story of a girl named Maxine and her friend Leo who are determined to design their perfect garden.

Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever is a cute story written for ages 3-8 by Ruth Spiro, illustrated by Holly Hatam, and published by Penguin Random House LLC.

Throughout the design and build process for their perfect garden, the pair encounter multiple setbacks, including intruding critters, a malfunctioning scarecrow, and disputes in their friendship. They create and document plans, implement those plans, analyze the outcome, and then improve their process to overcome their obstacles. The pair learn to apply iterative design and to use teamwork to achieve their goals.

This is a great story for young, creative readers who enjoy tinkering. Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever is an inspiring story that shows readers it may take more than one try and sometimes they need a team to achieve their goals. 

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Framework Categories

Teamwork (Team)
Processes of Design (POD)
Engineering Thinking (EThink)

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