Rethink Cognition: Joaquín Goñi

Joaquin Goni participating with students in "hackathon"

Brain Connectomics

IE Assistant Professor Joaquín Goñi is a Computational Neuroscientist who works in the emergent research area of Brain Connectomics.

His research is focused on modeling and assessing the human brain as a complex network, both from the structural (white matter connections between gray matter regions) and from the functional (functional coupling of estimated neural activity as measured in gray matter regions)  point of view. Modeling individual connectomes, i.e., structural and functional connectivity patterns of individual subjects, allows the use of a wide variety of techniques from Graph Theory, Network Science and Information theory to better understand the brain from a systemic point of view. Through these techniques, Dr Goñi and his collaborators are identifying and assessing connectivity changes related to different conditions, such as levels of consciousness, cognitive decline, viral infections, traumatic brain injury and neurological disorders.

Dr Goñi is also very interested in theoretical foundations of Complex Systems.