School of Industrial Engineering Welcomes Humanoid Robot Club

The School of Industrial Engineering (IE) at Purdue University welcomed a promising collaboration with the Humanoid Robot Club Purdue during a recent meeting on April 19, 2024.
Left to right: Riddhi Gupta (Vice President of the Humanoid Robot Club Purdue), Young-Jun Son (James J. Solberg Head and Ransburg Professor of the School of Industrial Engineering), Aarav Garg (President of the Humanoid Robot Club Purdue)

The meeting, facilitated by Young-Jun Son, James J. Solberg Head and Ransburg Professor of the School of Industrial Engineering, marked a significant step towards fostering interdisciplinary projects at Purdue.

"AI/optimization and humanoid robot/human interactions are important domains in industrial engineering (IE), and it's exciting to see a student club dedicated to exploring this field," remarked Dr. Young-Jun Son. "This is an exceptional opportunity for those passionate about this field, and I believe IE students will enjoy interdisciplinary and innovative projects in the club."

During the meeting, Aarav Garg, President of HRC, and Riddhi Gupta, Vice President of HRC, presented the club's vision and ongoing projects to Dr. Son. The club's initiatives in humanoid robotics align closely with IE's focus on AI/optimization and human interactions, making it a natural fit for collaboration.
The Humanoid Robot Club Purdue aims to provide students with hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and human-robot interactions.The club is known for its ambitious goal of being the first student group to build a walking humanoid robot capable of space exploration.
The Humanoid Robot Club Purdue also benefits from the guidance of Yu She, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, who provides valuable expertise and support in advancing the club's initiatives.
As the collaboration takes shape, students from both the IE department and the Humanoid Robot Club Purdue can look forward to exciting opportunities for learning, research, and innovation.

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