Student Spotlight: Rohit Mukherjee

Author: Chloee Robison
Meet Rohit Mukherjee!

Industrial engineer, consultant, car enthusiast– these are just a few words to describe IE senior Rohit Mukherjee! From Ottawa Hills, OH, Rohit came to Purdue unsure of where his academic career would take him. Now, he’s spending his final year in college pursuing his passions and seeing his hard work pay off.

Rohit chose Purdue for its impressive engineering reputation. During his time in the FYE program, he debated majoring in mechanical engineering, but ultimately chose IE thanks to a mentor who encouraged him to explore the major. “IE has a nice mix of technical skills, but it also gives you the opportunity to understand business processes, statistics, and data analytics that you wouldn’t necessarily get with mechanical engineering,” says Rohit. He says he knew he made the right choice when he attended his first IE class sophomore year, IE 343 with Professor Erhan Karakaya. “He was just a genuinely nice professor,” Rohit says, “He gave me a good first experience with an IE class.”

Rohit Mukherjee

In addition to his IE major, Rohit also has minors in management and French. His management minor has allowed him to understand the “business aspect of the working world,” which has certainly been helpful during his two internships– one with Bastian Solutions in Indianapolis, and the other with Crowe in Chicago. As for his French minor, Rohit continued his study of the language from middle and high school, making this his eighth year of study!

Rohit is currently the VP of Finance for Purdue’s chapter of IISE. He has spent time in multiple positions within the club since his sophomore year. He says his favorite memory of the club was bringing back the SIGMA Career Fair in 2022, the first time since before the pandemic that the fair had been held in person.

Among other activities, Rohit has been a member of Boiler Bhangra, the VP of the Indian Student Association, and currently works as a TA for ENGR 131 & 132. A self-proclaimed IE advocate, Rohit says he always tries to encourage younger students to check out opportunities in the major. His advice for incoming students: “Try whatever you’re interested in. If you think there’s something there, and you’re even slightly interested in it, go to that callout. Join the club. Go to a couple events.” He encourages students to take advantage of opportunities while they’re in college; they likely won’t be available down the road.

After graduation, Rohit plans to work as a consultant in the greater Chicago area. He’s thankful for time in college, saying “I’m super appreciative of being in the School of IE at Purdue. It's afforded me a lot of great opportunities, and I recommend more people join the school of IE and look for opportunities because they’re always out there, you’ve just got to go out and get them.”

We couldn’t have said it better! A special thanks to Rohit for being an avid supporter of IE, and we can’t wait to see all he accomplishes in his career!

Written by: Chloee Robison