Leslie J. Raffel Foundation Members Attend Dedication Ceremony

Members of the Leslie J. Raffel Foundation recently visited the new Leslie J. Raffel Ideas, Synthesis, and Optimization Lab located in the newly opened Dudley Hall.
Leslie J. Raffel Foundation Members, along with Young-Jun Son, James J. Solberg Department Head and Ransburg Professor of Industrial Engineering and Assistant Head Pat Brunese, pose for a photo at the dedication of the new lab space. 

The 2,000 sq. ft. lab space will be home to data, optimization and simulation platforms, collaboratory, project & supply chain management, data science, video conferencing and more.  The space will also house Industry 4.0 servers, where data collected on machines in the Build @ Scale Lab will be analyzed.

The School of Industrial Engineering is very grateful for the support provided by the foundation. 

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