IE Welcomes New Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Robot

Author: Chloee Robison
The School of Industrial Engineering has welcomed its newest faculty member, and it's a robot!

Making its home in the Gateway Complex, Indiana's first AMM (Autonomous Mobile Manipulator) will allow students the opportunity to program a complex physical robotic system to interface with production machines in our efforts to create a "lights out" manufacturing environment.  Machines included in our endeavor toward a “factory of the future” are a Zeiss Optical Scan Box, a Kardex Vertical Lift Module ASRS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System), Haas & Fryer CNC mills and lathes, as well as other devices that will aid in the fully autonomous production process.


Representatives from Telamon Robotics and MSI take a moment to pose with the new robot, along with members of IE's staff.

A close up view of one of the grippers, which can easily be swapped with other types of grippers.

Multifunctional robots like this AMM will be an integral part of the future of manufacturing facilities, helping to address production floor labor shortages, aid in reduction of operating costs, and improve production flow optimization. This particular robot can retrieve and deliver raw materials, be scheduled to work within time constraints, and be programmed for complex 6 axis movement of its arm, which can be equipped with a variety of different end effectors and grippers, some two at a time!

Students taking IE 370, 431, 470, 570, and MGMT 590 can expect to work directly with the robot starting later this semester!