Beautify Grissom Winners Announced

Huichi Yang takes first place with her manufacturing themed artwork
Huichi Yang and her artwork
Huichi Yang and her winning painting

Every year students submit beautiful and creative works of art, and the 2023 contest was no different. A common theme in this years submissions was the human brain, as seen in both Yang's winning artwork and in Zoie Stitt's second place submission, pictured below.

As part of her submission, Yang described her artistic vision "my artwork concept is about drawing an IE factory, At the factory, IE students gain the ability they need and apply their strength to fix real-world problems. So you can see there's a manufacturing line with brains (=IE student) on it, and then the robot arms (=Purdue IE) give the brains specific skills to match the job position the students want. For example, you can see the  human factors engineer tag on the manufacturing line for one brain, and on the brain, there are terms like usability, cognitive, and reliability, which are the knowledge offered by Purdue IE."

The final results of the contest, decided by voting among staff, faculty, students and IEAC members, were

  • 1st - $500 prize - Huichi Yang
  • 2nd - $300 prize - Zoie Stitt
  • 3rd - $200 prize - Nemisa Samanthapudi
  • Finalists Ana Maria Norena and Emma Grace Conklin-Yokel each received $100

Zoie Stitt's artwork also revolved around the mind, but focused more on the unique mindset of an industrial engineer.  "This artwork comments on the headspace of an industrial engineer. Industrial engineers are constantly perceiving their surroundings with unique insight and ideas that drive their decision and advocate for positive change. Industrial engineers are always working towards a goal whether it is money, safety, sustainability, and many other goals that are depicted in symbols in this artwork. The background of this artwork is purposefully plain to shine light on the fact that while industrial engineering is rather complex in practice industrial engineers strive for simplification of complex processes to achieve their goal. Other symbols within the headspace are common things associated with industrial engineering or specializations within it. The line drawing of the person is inclusive to many backgrounds and identifications which conveys that industrial engineering is diverse and inclusive."

Congratulations to these incredible artists! Check the links below to see each of the finalists submissions. 

2nd place winner Zoie Stitt poses with Dr. Son
2nd place winner Zoie Stitt poses by her artwork with Dr. Son at the award presentation.